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100 Days of Memory Keeping #The100DaysProject

This year I’ll be participating in The 100 Days Project which is simply defined as “a free, global art project that anyone can participate in.” The project starts April 3 and ends July 11. My plan is to complete 100 Days of Memory Keeping…

HOW TO PARTICIPATE. If you’re interested in this project you start by choosing an action that you’ll do for 100 days. Although the definition mentions ‘art’ I’ve seen all sorts of projects done over the past few years that I’ve followed along. So you can do 100 days of writing or 100 days of knitting or 100 days of running or 100 days of meditating. It’s really up to you!

100 Days of Memory Keeping

I’ve talked a lot about memory keeping around here but let’s get real for a minute. Since having my first baby 4 years ago, I’ve found myself about 2 years behind on memory keeping/scrapbooking and I’m really struggling to get caught up. That may not seem like a big deal, but because these years encompass the first years of my kiddos lives, I’m feeling the urge to record these memories before I start to forget all the little things.

THE PLAN. My goal is to work on my Project Life album (which I definitely consider a creative/art-ish endeavor) every day for 100 days. I’m hoping that this project will push me to get completely caught up with my family memory books by July 11!

I recently downloaded the Project Life app and although there are some things I’m not loving about it, it is allowing me to consistently work on the album without having to jump on a computer. This is huge.

So maybe you’ll pick a project of your own and consider joining in on the challenge!

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