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5 Must Haves for Winter Survival This Season

Winter Essentials

Real talk – winter is no joke. I’ve seen a lot of winter guides recently that feature mini-skirts and knee-high boots. Nope I’m not about that life. For real winters, here are a few of my daily essentials – that get me through the snowy muck and cold, COLD days.

  1. Big Beanies that can cover ears, hair and head. Wool Hats #WinterIsComing
  2. A puffy coat with a hood, faux fur and is at least 3/4 length. The kind that keeps you warm when you have on just a few layers underneath.
  3. Gloves that pull up above your wrist, is thick and insulated on the inside and is water-proof. Perfect for snowy weather.Winter Gear
  4. Carrington Farms Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This stuff is perfect for EVERYTHING. I use it in my hair, add it to my lotion to moisturize my skin, use it on my face and lips also as a moisturizer … and cook with it. And this is one thing that’s great year round.
  5. Tea … or any other hot beverage. I would love some tea recommendations as my tea chest is pretty empty right now.teabasket (Photo Credit)

What are some of your must have winter essentials?

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