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5 Things This Month

Weekly and Monthly Links

Weekly and Monthly Links

Here’s what’s been thrilling us this month – faves

ONE | Fave Books Read …

Tanya  I completed 6 books in January and 5 so far in February. My fave read in January is here, and my fave for February is The Widows of Malabar Hill (Perveen Mistry #1), Sujata Massey. This book is rich with the nuances of Indian culture and diversity of the characters. The story it tells is simple – yet delivered with such awesome attention to detail that it enthralled me from beginning to end. The Widows of Malabar Hill was one of my choices to read from Amazon’s Best Books of January [2018].

The Widows of Malabar Hill (Book)

Other books I enjoyed this month include …

  • The Power, Naomi Alderman 👍👍
  • Exit West, Mohsin Hamid 👎
  • Kintu, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi 👎
  • LaRose, Louise Erdrich 👍👍

And I’m currently listening to the audiobook of Oprah’s Book Club Pick – An American Marriage, Tayari Jones.

Kim ✤ I read 8 books in January and only completed 1 book in February. I started a ton but couldn’t seem to finish any. The one book I did finish was Stillhouse Lake, Rachel Cain and I enjoyed it. It’s your run of the mill ‘girl marries psycho, divorces psycho, and is now on the run’ book, but it was solid. When I look back at my track record I realize that February has never been a great reading month for me. It’s usually right about now that the excitement of January has waned and the winter blah has set in. March is my birthday month though so I expect my spirits will be higher which always means I make more time for the things I love.

TWO | Fave on the Screen …

Tanya  I saw Black Panther in the movie theater opening weekend – loved it! Loved the action, the drama, the costuming, the authenticity, the futuristic elements married to tradition – loved everything about it 👍👍

On the tv screen, I’ve binge watched a few different tv series, and my faves were Imposters (Season 1) and Killjoys (Seasons 1-3) – I love tv space operas. There’s going to be 2 more seasons and then that’s it. What are some tv shows you’re enjoying?

THREE | This is My Fave …

Tanya February was my first This is My Fave (Instagram gift exchange). The theme for the month was pink – so I sent these awesome necklace and earring set – and received these awesome earrings pictured below.

This is My Fave Pink Feb

FOUR | On the Blog

As usual, we had you covered with lots of bookish happenings …

Reading the Continents

We also shared on the blog …

Five | Around the Interwebz

I accidentally deleted all my links – so that’s all I have for you * sad face *

Kim and Tanya
Kim is a librarian | life hacker | ancient history nerd | mom to 2 little boys | Utah native | digital archivist | British comedy/British detective show junkie | outdoor lover. Tanya is a digital lifehacker | Food Science guru | teenage boy wrangler | husband tamer | adventure seeker | avid reader.

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  1. What a fun monthly sum-up! So many interesting things going on around the world and the web (and in your worlds!).

    I really want to read The Power & I loved LaRose, but I can’t believe you didn’t like Exit West! I just read it in January and really liked it.

    Will have to try Imposters & Killjoys (we like sci fi Tv too) though our TV schedule is over-full right now! Lots of great shows coming back or starting up in March!

    Hope you both have a good month!


    Book By Book

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