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[Pantry Peek] 8 Spices Always in Stock in Our Homes


We wanted to share more GXO Food posts, so we took a peek into our pantries and found some things that we ALWAYS have on hand – this is the SPICE edition.

✩✩ Kim ✩✩

I love seasonings and I love mixing my own even more. Hubs built me a special rack to hold my collection. All growing up I have vivid memories of putting McCormick’s Vegetable Seasoning on everything. I died a little when they replaced their recipe with something new. I still mourn the loss of that spice! Anyway, I have most all of the basics needed for mixing but there are a few that I make sure to never run out of.

Cumin – I make a lot of Mexican food so I’m constantly buying more Cumin. I also use it some Thai dishes and even Indian dishes. I actually don’t care for Cumin on it’s own but it’s gold when mixed with other spices.

Dill – This is a personal favorite and I use it whenever I can. I prefer fresh but make sure I never run out of dried, just in case.

Save The Day Seasonings – I have these in Thai, Mexican, and Indian and I use them whenever I’m too lazy to mix my own.

❤ Cayenne – I don’t use a ton of cayenne now that I’m cooking for kiddos but it’s a must have ingredient for my favorite fettucine alfredo recipe, which I make all the time.

❖ Tanya ❖

I’m totally loving Kim’s spice storage! In my casa, under the kitchen island, there’s a cupboard in the middle where both doors have spice storage on the inside, and also a pull out spice rack on the right side. On the inside of the left side, I keep the spices for baking, and on the right is everything else.

Some spices that are always in stock …

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning. This gets used on almost everything – especially when I make spicy shrimp. Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning + Sriracha Sauce + Shrimp = a winning dish.

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. Is there a Black household without this?!

Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy Salt Free Seasoning Blend. This also goes in everything.

Red Pepper Flakes. I’ve come to learn that a little goes a long way! This is a must in chicken soup to give it an extra kick.

We probably could share about 20 spices each that are in our homes right now as you can tell from the pictures of just a part of our pantries. What are some of the spices that you keep stocked in your pantry?

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