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A Day In the Life {The Summer Travel Day Edition} #SummerAtoZ

Travel Day

Travel Day

I love getting a peak into “the daily lives” of people, so it’s my turn to share a typical travel day, when I had to go to Tampa, Florida for work earlier this week.

A Day in the Life

3 AM ✇ Wake up. Probably should have packed yesterday – but who packs over going out to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals?!!! Not I, so instead, I’m just getting started. Oh well, I’m getting to be a pro-at this.

4AM ✇ Get Tums for the hubby. He almost ate an entire pizza while watching the game … and then he was heartbroken when Golden State Warriors lost the NBA finals (I was not). He spent the night tossing and turning.

4:30AM ✇ Check phone calendar to see if I have any AM meetings. My summer phone theme has 3 home screens made using a random background I downloaded, Nova Launcher and Flatcon White Icon Pack.

Phone Screen SetUp

5AM ✇ At Work. Why are there so many people here?! I thought I was getting an early start to the day, but it looks like production was scheduled to start early too … wish I had known that. Mad rush for me to get documents printed and everyone setup for the new changes I’m making … today!

6:15 AM ✇ Coffee time. Uh … what … grrr … people!

8:00 AM ✇ Daily quality meeting and I’m already in quite a mood. I need to turn it around. Afterwords, I try to knock a few things off my todo list.

Bullet Journal PlannerMy system – #PlannerGirl Bullet Journal With an Arc Planner

10:00 AM ✇ Leave work, and make a Walmart run for shirts for work. I buy 5 of these Polo shirts. Summer work uniform is in effect.

11:00AM ✇ Back home to finish packing. I’d like to leave by 12:30PM. I use the Yahoo Weather app to see what the temps are going to be like in Tampa – and if I should take an umbrella with me. No need.

11:30AM ✇ I’m the man! Packing complete. Now time to download audiobooks from the Overdrive and Axis 360 apps (my library uses both). I settle on A Cure for Suicide, Jesse Ball and This Census-Taker, China Mieville. And of course, I packed 2 hardcovers – both of which I’m in the middle of.

Travel Style Tote

12 PM ✇ Double check TripIt app to see if there are any flight delays. “All Clear.” And try to check in online, but it’s not working for some reason.

12:30 PM ✇ “OK Google” … Map to O’Hare airport.

1:45 PM ✇ At the Airport. Check-in at the kiosk and breeze through security. There was no line, but as usual, I got a pat down. Might be because I had on quite a bit of jewelry on me.

Summer Travel Jewelry

2:05 PM ✇ Tripit Alert – Flight delay. Holy mother of all things holy! Just an hour delay but ugh!!! Guess my attitude didn’t adjust from this morning because I’m so crabby right now.

2:i5 PM ✇ Lunch time. I decide on Orange Chicken + veggies. It wasn’t good, but I was starving.

2:45 PM ✇ Airport book selfie for Instagram. I just started the #airportreads hashtag – yes, very random!

Airport Reading to Tampa

3PM ✇ Random things to do while waiting in the airport. Buy a bottle water that cost as much as some kids college tuition … or close to it. Can’t the airport be sued for price fixing or something?! Read … use the bathroom … play Candy Crush … read … bored … walk around.

4:30PM ✇ Boarding Time. So of course, I dash to use bathroom one final  time. It KILLS me to ever have to use the bathroom on a plane and so I go to great – almost dehydration – lengths to make sure it rarely happens.

6PM ✇ Wake Up. I almost always fall asleep for after they close the doors, and before the plane takes off. Back to reading and I end up finishing Security (by Wohlsdorf). So then I open my work laptop to start sorting / organizing my email inbox into folders. I made it to January 29th before the plane landed … just 6 months worth of emails left to go. Maybe I should give up on that system.

7:30 PM ✇ Hello Tampa. Nice to meet ya! Call the airport shuttle – ultimately deciding not to rent a car and just hang with the group I’m with.

8:30PM ✇ Hello Hampton Inn. It’s usually where I stay when I travel for work. They are all the same (should be) so you know what to expect – free breakfast in the AM, clean rooms, free wifi.

9:00PM ✇ Calling It a Night. Make calls, shower, unpack – for a 4 day stay, I unpack my stuff – then blogging time. Check Feedly and read blogs, finish up a few blog posts and g’night.

What do you do in airports and airplanes to pass the time?

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