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Fall Goals {The 2016 Edition}

fall goals

fall goals

With the approaching Autumn, we are looking at some of the things we’d like to do to finish out the year strong.

Tanya … Although I’m firmly #TeamSummer I can truly say that Autumn / Fall has grown on me and it’s my 2nd favorite time of year #ILikeFall . I’m loving using my Bullet Journal for Work, and am now integrating a few personal sections too including a Habit Tracker. So I’m starting with my Top 3 Goals for Fall

  1. Practice reading at least 30 minutes everyday

    unread books
    The 2016 Reading List {The UnRead Edition – So Far}
  2. 10,000 steps+ daily
  3. 30 minute Spanish study – time to get serious!

Kim … I’m one of those people who spends all summer playing and not thinking about her goals at all. Then come Fall, I’m on it again and feeling inspired. Here are my Top 3 Goals for Fall.

  1. Blog ahead whenever possible – Makes for smooth sailing on the blog and allows for a bit of breathing room when life gets busy.
  2. Carve out some morning time for myself – I was getting up early at the beginning of the year to have extra time to myself and it made all the difference in the world. I need to do this again.currently
  3. Attend a group fitness class at least once a week – I know that making this commitment to attend class will help me improve my fitness motivation.

What’s your #1 Goal for Fall?

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Kim and Tanya
Kim is a librarian | life hacker | ancient history nerd | mom to 2 little boys | Utah native | digital archivist | British comedy/British detective show junkie | outdoor lover. Tanya is a digital lifehacker | Food Science guru | teenage boy wrangler | husband tamer | adventure seeker | avid reader.

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  1. I need to get back into reading too and make better use of morning time, I wake up before my oldest heads off to high school so I have an hour before little ones wake up. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup, hope you join us again this week, party starts at 8pm EST Saturday.

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