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Look at Your Goals Every Day {Digital Lifehack}


I have some challenging goals for this year – mainly including getting back my fitness level and saving $$. One thing that I realized has been working really well – is looking at my goals every single day … actually, multiple times a day – because I put them in places that I look every day.I swear by … Put motivational quotes on all your screens.

💕 Use motivational wallpapers on your personal and work computer screen backgrounds. My current (home computer) wallpaper is below.

Motivational Desktop Wallpaper

The image above is from 29 Inspirational Wallpapers for Your Desktop.

💕 Add motivational quotes or images to your phone’s screen too. I set the wallpaper of my lockscreen.

Train Insane Lockscreen

If you’re into fitness motivation, Tumblr is the best source of inspiring images. The images above and below were taken from Motivate Yourself Each and Every Day.

💕  Change the motivational quote / image often, or use the option to rotate images, so you’ll see different quotes throughout the day.

💕 Look at goals and progress (or lack thereof) often. This year, both my husband and I are invested in being fit and losing some weight. Contrary to popular opinion, we look at the scale every damn day. Multiple times a day. It seems odd, but having this in front of our eyes daily has made a World of difference. The times I don’t look are the times I know I’ve fallen off the wagon (so to speak).

I also love using my bank’s mobile app. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t look at the $ in my savings. It doesn’t change – but it makes me want to find ways to spend less, so I can see that number grow more.

💕 Track It. My husband uses a simple document on his iPad and notes his weight every day. I use a Google spreadsheet to track my runs. we’ve both opted to keep it as simple as possible – but however you do it – just do it!

How do you keep track of your goals and progress?

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