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(O)rganizing a To Do List With Evernote App and Widget {Digital Lifehack}

App Love for Evernote

Finally, I have found a digital To Do list management system that works for me, and it uses one of my favorite apps – Evernote – by adding a widget to my (Android) homescreen.

On my phone, I have a separate homescreen that displays the Evernote widget with my To Do list.

Evernote ToDo List App Widget


Here’s how I did it …

☆ Of course, make sure you have the Evernote app installed.

☆ Make a notebook where all the “To Do list notes” will reside. I call mine GSD for “Getting Shit Done”. Note I use thw web version of Evernote in addition to the app because sometimes, I work with the bigger screen of my laptop.

☆ Add the Evernote List widget to one of your phone’s homescreens (typically, long-pressing a blank, available space on your home screen).

☆ Press the settings button on the widget (which is the last button on the right side).

Evernote App widget

☆ Under “List Options” Click “Show” and decide on which system you’ll setup to show your notes. I’m using “Reminders” because I add a reminder to all my “todo list” notes.

☆ Click the “Sort” option – and I select “Date”. And then select a notebook to save notes you make using the widget. As I mentioned before, my “todo list” is housed in the “GSD” notebook I made.

☆ The other options are to show which shortcuts you want displayed in the widget, and which of the 2 themes you want to use.

Evernote ToDo List

☆ Using Evernote to display and add to a ToDo List is so freaking easy, fast and effective! To add a note, just click on one of the shortcuts at the top of the widget (e.g. to type a note, add a voice note or take a picture or).

☆ I usually use the “note” icon and type what I want to be reminded of in the title, and any details I need in the body of the note. Then I add a reminder date and save.

☆You can see what’s on my list above. The beauty of using reminders is that when I complete a task – I can click on the checkbox beside it, and it will be crossed out, and removed from the screen the next time I check the todo list.

Using Evernote app and widget has finally allowed me to let go of paper lists. What’s your “todo” list management system – paper or digital?

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