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Summer (A)ctivities Challenge #SummerAtoZ

This summer Kim and I are challenging each other to complete as many of these fun summer activities as we can. The rules are simple: do the tasks (husbands & kids count); post photo proof on Instagram. We’ll be checking in here late summer to let you know how we’re doing and using the hastag #GirlxoxoSummerFun

#GirlxoxoSummerFun Challenge

1. Wear something bright
2. Go somewhere new
3. Go for a long walk – 4+ miles
4. Spend a day hiking
5. Have a picnic or grill outside
6. Spend some time at a beach (or lake)
7. Get your game playing on – board games or outdoor fun
8. Read a big book – 400+ pages
9. Make lemonade from scratch … or sangria
10. Eat something you’ve never tried before
11. Taste the rainbow – at least 7 different colors of foods and / or drinks
12. Do something crafty
13. Try at least 5 different ice cream (or frozen yogurt) flavors – at least one must be in a cone (the messier the better)
14. Finish an entire coloring book or a summer journal
15. Enjoy a fireworks show or a bonfire
16. Movie marathon – watch at least 3 movies in a row!
17. Go to a carnival, festival, fair or parade
18. Get a summer theme song (and share it) – or make a summer playlist
19. Pay it forward – pay for someone’s coffee
20. Put a vase of summer flowers in your home or office
21. Appreciate your home town- take a pictures of a favorite or interesting place
22. Go on a date
23. Visit a farmer’s market or support a local / small business owner
24. Listen to live music
25. Make something awesome from your own garden or a U-Pick ‘Em farm
26. Grow something
27. Get close to animals – either at the zoo, at a park with some friendly ducks, geese, squirrels, etc.
28. Write a letter and mail it to a family member or friend
29. Make fancy popsicles – the definition of “fancy” is up to you.
30. Go to a museum, planetarium, aquarium or botanical garden

We’re super excited to be doing this. What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

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