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The End-of-(Y)ear and New (Y)ear Resolution Prep List

New Years Goals Prep

There are 4 more months to go in the rest of the year, so here’s the plan … forget about this year and what has … or rather … has not happened already. Forget about the New Years Resolutions that didn’t get achieved already and let’s have an early start to next year’s list. Let’s call the next few months “New Years Resolution Prep”. Yes – let’s fucking cheat and start 4 months early so that by the time next year rolls around – we’ll be well on our way to succeeding … or ready to start again – either way it’s a win win! So here we go – here’s my End-of-Year – New Year’s Resolution Prep List.

Personal – Fitness & Health

1. Workout 5 days / week. Come on it’s time to get it together already!

2. Do Meatless Mondays. At home – get everybody on board – even start with one per month.


4. Acquire a new skill / qualification. Always be learning.

5. Get to know more co-workers.

Blogging & Social

6. Plan blog posts through the rest of the year + Q1 next year.

7. Interact more online. i.e. comment more / social media a little more … yeah – some people have the opposite problem.

Family & Finances

8. Save more – end the year with NO credit card debt.

9. Plan monthly exploring outings – even in Winter!

10. Plan next year’s trips. Let’s do more + plan better so it will cost less.

That’s it. Now that I’ve thrown it out there in the Universe, it’s time to get it done … again … for real this time! What’s one thing on you “year end list” that you would like to achieve?

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