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#WickedGoodReads Month {October Blog Event}

Wicked Good Reads Month

October is here, and it’s my favorite time of year to read and talk about dark, creepy, scary books! So I’ve dubbed this month – #WickedGoodReads. This is my month-long blog event, and I’m posting the blog posts below so that you can join in if you wish.

I’ll be posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – with a Sunday post highlighting my favorite posts from other bloggers. My first post will be on Friday, October 2nd. Feel free to join me, or use any of these writing prompts at any time.

#WickedGoodReads for October


  1. #WickedGoodReads for Murder, Monsters and Mayhem {A Reading List of Favorites}
  2. 3 Haunted House Books You Should NOT Read When You’re Home Alone
  3. 3 Books That Made Me Rethink Travel by Air, Land and Sea
  4. #WickedGoodReads {Where to Get Bookish Recommendations}
  5. 3 Favorites Reads with Creepy Small Towns
  6. Terrifying Audiobooks
  7. #WickedGoodReads {Old School Favorites}
  8. 3 Books Every Zombie Fan Should Read
  9. 3 Books Every Vampire Fan Should Read
  10. Werewolves Should Kick Ass in Every Book
  11. Crazy Scary Creeps #WickedGoodReads
  12. Animals – Friend AND/OR Foe
  13. Strange, Dangerous and Deadly Occupations
  14. #WickedGoodReads {The Recap Edition}

Again, please feel free to use the writing prompts above and join me for #WickedGoodReads from October 2 – 31, 2015.

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