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#WickedGoodReads Month {The Recap Edition}

Wicked Good Reads

I dubbed October THE month for #WickedGoodReads and oh what a wonderful month it has been. It has been a blast sharing my favorite spooky, creepy and horrific reads with you, but alas, all good things must come to an end … for now. Just in case you missed something, let’s recap the spooky deliciousness that you’ve been treated to all month long 🙂

#WickedGoodReads Faces and Places

Creepy Locations #WickedGoodReads

The Monsters

#WickedGoodReads The Zombie Edition

Where and How To Get Your #WickedGoodReads Fix

Diverse Wicked Good Reads

Halloween is tomorrow and I’ll be taking in all the crazy costumes in The Village (NY). I’ll be dressed as … a zombie of course! What is your favorite Halloween costume of all time? What’s your favorite creepy read?

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