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10 Things This Month

10 Things This Month

Inspired by the 5 Random Things This Weekend during, Kim and I decided it might be fun to share 10 things from each month that made the month stand out for us. Kim did it in January, so here’s mine for February …



ONE. Games. We’ve been house-bound a lot in February – winter storms, car crapping out for a week, and so the hubs and I have been playing a lot of board games – especially Scrabble. Anybody have any recommendations for other games that 2 people can play? On the weekends, with our 15 year old son (the oldest is away in the Navy) – we’ve been playing Risk, which we all love, and Munchkins, which he loves and I’ve gotten to like a lot more too – it was just a steep learning curve for me.

TWO. Travel. February started the month out with a trip to Carlsbad in California for work, which is absolutely gorgeous! I was able to check out the beach and eat amazing seafood. It was a pretty awesome winter respite from the sub-zero temperatures in the Mid-West. It’s ending with a trip to Indiana (third time so far this year) – where my hotel is right across from an outlet mall … a pretty nice perk.

THREE. Using … One of the most used purchases I made this Winter has been an Ecotools Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush. Why have I not been using this all along? I cannot reach all of my back when I shower without it – a fact that became abundantly clear when I was staying at a hotel recently, taking a shower with their white rag – reached around to wash my back and – TMI – it was dirtayyy!! I bought the brush as soon as I came back!! I use it with the brush with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub.

FOUR. Gear. In February, I decided to upgrade my work and travel gear – my gift to myself after getting a promotion. My work bag – which needs to carry my laptop, cords etc – I got this black Marc Jacobs bag from Wilson’s Leather (outlet). For travel, I got a black Samsonite Eco-Nu 25″ Expandable Spinner (from TJ Maxx). No more stuffing my Travelpro carry-on to the max with my steel-toe boots, sneakers, work clothes etc. And for some reason I wanted everything to match, so I got all black.

FIVE. Done. Things I crossed off my to-do list this month …

  • Take passport photos and submit passport application ✓
  • Return library books (still have 2 overdue though) ✓
  • Book travel through end of March ✓
  • Update bills calendar & spreadsheet for March ✓
  • Buy mom shoes – she wanted these flats from Nine West ✓ – anyone else parents not into setting up accounts online?
  • Buy suitcase

SIX. Blog. I didn’t do as much as I would like in February, but one of my favorite posts to write was Winter ABCs [The 2019 Edition] – definitely going to try to do it each season.


SEVEN. Reading has been very slow this month. I felt in a bit of a reading slump – but Cormoran Strike pulled me out – as soon as I was 5 minutes into the audiobook of Lethal White (Cormoran Strike #4), Robert Galbraith (pseudonym for J.K. Rowling) – I knew that my slump was ovahhh!

EIGHT. Broken. Things that broke in February – the furnace, my car and my phone … I’m really looking forward to March.

NINE. New … I tried was Matcha. My fave way to incorporate it is in smoothies – particularly ones I make with milk. I’ve also added it to my oatmeal, and had it just as the tea. One thing I learned is to use 1 teaspoon max – otherwise it imparts a nasty taste.

TEN. Looking forward next month to … seeing my parents, going for walks outside instead of on the treadmill and the start of Spring!

How was your month? Any highlights or faves to share?

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