10 Things This Month [Out With September In With October]

Let’s take a look back, at the month that was and the month coming up – on the blog + offline.


Phew, what a month!!  September started a very hectic period at work for me, so on my mind was making sure I was well organized. I was in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Minnesota and Michigan. These days, I’ve Switched From a Bullet Journal to a Blue Sky Planner for Work to help me stay on top of things, and so far so good.

And I started using and adding restaurant reviews to Yelp. Does anybody else use this? In September, I added 10 places, and my fave was no question – Mythos, a Greek restaurant in Joplin, MO. I had the lamb chops and it was insanely good!

Favorite & Least Favorite Reads

We shared our Our Fa(V)e #SummerReads2017 and 6 Fall Reading Favorites [Books To Add To Fall Reading List] in September, but my favorite book read that month goes to The Child, Fiona Barton.

The Child (Book)

This book is a page turner to say the least. It’s perfect for a book club read, or one of those weekends when you just want to do nothing but curl up with a book and read .

Not everything we read is awesome though, and some of the duds we found landed in the pile of Books That Got The A(X)e This Year…So Far.


We had our annual summer blog series wrap up in September #SummerAtoZ Blog Event Wrapup [The 2017 Edition] and we also have a tradition of doing Big Book Summer Reading – check outso  what we finished.

big book summer reading

Looking Forward … October and #ILoveFall

September is a month of thinking about the future – must be the change in seasons. We’re thinking about The End (Z)one {An End of 2017 Reading List} and An End-of-(Y)ear and New (Y)ear Resolution Prep List … is it too early?

New Years Goals Prep

We’re also really into the seasons, and although I’m firmly #TeamSummer, I think I’m now onboard … so #ILoveFall. We’re going to have a lot more seasonal posts coming up. For the month, I’ll be in Oregon, upstate NY, New Jersey and St. Louis (Missouri) and finishing up in Houston, Texas (all tentative).

Are you into the seasons? Do you add seasonal decorating touches to your home? Do you find yourself reading more or less? Do you eat more foods typical of the season?


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