10 Things This Week 1 [2023]

And just like that, the first week of a new year is almost finished! I love new beginnings and fresh starts, so I always start off each year very optimistic. Here’s a few things I’ve gotten into this week.


ONE+ We’ve been updating The 2023 Master List of Reading Challenges with more challenges! Going to keep the updates going for the next few weeks so keep checking back.

TWO+ Speaking of reading challenges, we’ve shared the January check-ins for our Monthly Motif and Key Word and what we plan on reading – have you started reading your book choices yet?

THREE+ My FAVORITE “best of the best of lists” posts – The Top 54 from the Best Books of 2022 List of Lists. The book that made the 21 lists – Trust, Hernan Diaz … I didn’t see that coming! Have you read it yet? The next most common books – Candy House, Jennifer Egan and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin.

FOUR+ Another end of year fave – (past) president Barack Obama media recommendations – Barack Obama’s Favorite Music of 2022 (check out the Spotify playlist) – Fave Books and Fave Movies of 2022.

FIVE+ OK – the last thing I’ll say about books … check out the Most Anticipated Fantasy & Sci-Fi of 2023 (according to She Reads).

SIX+ Wait – one more thing! Since this is a new year, I’m re-reading Atomic Habits, James Clear. Do you have any books that you re-read each year? I’ve also signed up for the author’s FREE 30 Days to Better Habits email course.

SEVEN+ These 9 Life-Changing Questions I Ask Myself At the Beginning of a New Year are pretty much the same things I think about at the start of the year – but this year, I’ll be doing it every month … or at the start of every new “do-over”.

EIGHT+ Since running was my primary exercise last year, I decided to do more races this year so I’ve signed up for my first race in a long time – the 10K option for the Jekyll Island Marathon (next Sunday). I also signed up for a half marathon in October (Zooma Amelia Island). Yes … 10 months from now. Had to take advantage of the discounts!

NINE+ Can I also just tell you that I bought an air fryer (peer pressure) 2 months ago, and finally used it for the first time … to make bacon – never ever will we do it on the stove again! There’s not much to it, but this recipe is what I used.

TEN+ I’m pretty sure I might have mentioned this before, but since we’re talking about appliances that don’t get a ton of use, this Instant Pot Jamaican Oxtails recipe is the GOAT! I’ve made it that way at least 20x (it’s my husband’s favorite meal at the moment).


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