Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week.


ONE. Celebrate National Library Week April 8-14, 2018.

TWO. Two of my favorite Book Awards 2018 nominations are out – The Nebula Awards and Hugo Awards.

THREE. Here are 8 April Novels to Diversify Your Reading.

FOUR. Yup, I’ll be combing through 13 Books for Stephen King Fans Coming Out Spring 2018 for my next dark fiction book to read.

FIVE. I think this is a fantastic idea – The First Barnes & Noble Book Club Selection Pre-Order Now and Join Us in Stores on May 2 (2018). The first B&N Book Club pick is The Female Persuasion, by Meg Wolitzer.


Hotel Lobby

SIX. How I Created Great Rituals in January … I need more rituals in my life.

SEVEN. I bookmarked this post on Vitamins and Supplements for Long Hair because I want to focus on growing my locs this year – or cutting them off. We’ll see.

EIGHT. There are some awesome tips in How Successful Women Stay on Track at Work.

NINE. When Do You Add Your Co-Workers on Facebook? … Ummm … never. Don’t do it. Don’t ask any of them to add you.

TEN. Losing Steam on Your Goals? How to Get Back on Track … I needed this! SOme of my yearly goals are going great – some … not so much. How are you doing?


ELEVEN. Here’s what to work on so you can Get More Blog Followers.

TWELVE. Which Blogging “Rules” Do Yoy Ignore with Relative Impunity? For me – I don’t request free products including books … I can always go to the library, or buy them.

THIRTEEN Bookmark and save Google Analytics for Bloggers: 5 Metrics to Improve Your Content.

FOURTEEN. A look behind Everyday Reading: FAQs About How I Blog – love this blog!

How much time do you spend reading blogs? Do you still leave comments?

(Pictures are from a family vacation Spring Break 2018)


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  1. Akilah

    Apr 11

    I used to have a hard and fast no coworkers on FB rule, relaxed it for a bit and then regretted it–and then moved all the way across the country where I didn’t know anybody except my coworkers. So yeah, I have friended a very select few coworkers. However, I will not friend a boss or supervisor unless we were already friends before. I didn’t even friend my dissertation chair until after I left my program.

  2. I love your book lists posted/linked here. I checked out the Nebula and Hugo Award finalist list and decided I need to read The Art of Starving as it was on two lists. Thanks so much.

  3. hillary

    Apr 09

    You always have links to the most useful information! I have started leaving comments on blogs that I lie cause I know I like it when I get comments. iT MAKES MY DAY LOL SO I want to make someone else’s day.

  4. Jessica

    Apr 09

    Thanks so much for sharing! xx

  5. Janssen

    Apr 09

    Thank you so much for sharing and your kind comment – I appreciate it so much!