This is the  #AMonthofFaves2016 edition of interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week (or so) – which, of course, includes links to some of the awesome posts shared during this annual event.


❅ 1. We’re week 2 into #AMonthofFaves2016 and we looked at memorable books, which can include books that just take forever to read, weird books (like one narrated by a porcupine) and odd books.

❅ 2. Have you checked out 2016 – See Your Year in Books at Goodreads?

❅ 3. Who are your Auto-Buy Authors as of the end of 2016? I’m still a Stephen King fan after decades, but new to my list for the past few years are N.K. Jemisin and Nnedi Okorafor.

❅ 4. 11 Nasty Women Dominating Weird Fiction is my kind of reading list!

❅ 5. Which of these 17 Eagerly Anticipated Book-to-Movie Adaptations are you most looking forward to seeing? I don’t know if I can watch A Monster Calls (book by Patrick Ness) which comes out on Dec. 23 (2016) – the book was sad enough!

❅ 6. A long list of the Best Book Covers of 2016. What do you think? It’s so awesome to see books with people of color on the cover represented in this list. Not too long ago – there would have been none (on lists like these).

❅ 7. The 2017 Monthly Motif Challenge for January is Diversify Your Reading, so I’m saving all kinds of reading lists that fit the challenge, like LGBT Books.

❅ 8. Here are some beautiful Snow Reads for chilly days.

❅ 9. We put out our list of 7 Awesome Audiobook Narrations and


❅ 10. 100 Life Changing Actions to Turn into Habits and 11 End Of Year Traditions That Will Make 2017 Amazing are 2 of my fave articles that I’ve been using to help me prepare for having the best 2017 that I can.

❅ 11. Do you already use any of these 7 Super Useful Tools to Help You Plan Better in 2017? There are a few I might try out next year.

❅ 12. I haven’t watched any of the shows on this list of The Year in TV: The Best Shows of 2016. Have you?

❅ 13. Check out The Best and Worst Mobile Bank Apps of 2016: 100+ Banks & Credit Unions Ranked if you use these types of apps – I know I do and I want to make sure it’s secure.


❅ 15. How to Create an Effective Blog Editorial Calendar focuses more on how to make the system work – because having a system is one thing … actually using it and using it well … is another.

❅ 16. Here is an awesome Blog Help Posts 2016 Round-Up that’s full of tips and tweaks to help improve your blogging.

❅ 17. 8 Of the Best Things I Did This Year to Grow My Blog and Business and 9 Changes I Made When I Finally “Got Serious” About My Blog make for interesting reading on how to master this blogging thang.

What was the best thing you saw, read, did or ate this week?

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