10 Things This Week

Here’s a look at some interesting things I read/ saw / thought / did this week.


1. The finalists for the Audies have been announced. Are you a fan of audiobooks? I am. Have you listened to any of the finalists?

❊ 2. I couldn’t agree more with Wearing Headphones Makes Me Hate Grocery Shopping a Lot Less

3. These 5 Tips & Tricks That Help Me ‘Bookworm’ Better are so useful!

❊ 4. Do we prioritize “shareable” reading? | Discussion is an interesting discussion. We tend to have a healthy mix here at GXO and moving away from individual reviews meant we tend to read whatever we feel like instead of paying too much attention to buzz books.

❊ 5. Here’s How Kim Finds Time To Read {A Day in the Life} – love how she fits it in even if it’s just 10 minutes.

6. I bookmarked 100 Must-Read Books with Unlikable Women … because I like dark books.

❊ 7. I might do this for my next book club meeting – 16 Adorable Favors for Your Book Club.

8. Of all the books you said you wanted to read so far – how are you doing? This is The State of Our 2017 Reading Lists This Year {So Far}.

Blogging & Social

❊ 9. I didn’t know you could, but now there’s a way to Publish to WordPress Using Google Doc – very useful!

10. Here are Instagram Hacks: 10 Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About … I didn’t know about most of them. Are you on Instagram?

What social media space are you most active on – if any?

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  1. Kim@Time2Read

    Mar 26

    I always enjoy your ‘This Week’ post. I found ‘Headphones while shopping’ link particularly interesting. I don’t think I could really do this….I’d forget half my groceries or I’d have to keep rewinding because I couldn’t do both at once. But I’m sure tempted to put the headphones in and pretend I have a podcast going. LOL!