10 Things This Week

Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did last week.


ONE. New York Public Library compiles a list of its top 10 most frequently checked-out books of the year.

TWO. Have you seen any of the movies on The Best Film Adaptations of 2017? Or any of The Best Book Adaptations You Probably Missed in 2017?

THREE. For this year, here are 13 Book-To-Screen Adaptations of 2018 and The Biggest Book-to-Movie Adaptations Coming in 2018 – are there any you’re planning to watch?

FOUR. Check out all the January #BookBlogger Events happening this month. Which ones re you participating in?


SEVEN. Loved this post about How I Take Charge of My Blog Before It Takes Charge of Me – ” I am in charge of my blogging … “I take full responsibility for my choices in reading and in blogging. I am in control and have the authority to say “yes” or “no” to certain books, certain posts, certain schedules.”

EIGHT. Loved reading this  4th Anniversary of TheBlogAbroad.com + Advice to Aspiring Bloggers which was an awesome read no matter what you blog about.

There is just so much you can learn from these Top Blogging Tips for 2017.


FIVE. If you’re in the market for gadgets to help simplify your life, check out Lifehacker’s 17 Most Popular Products of 2017, As Purchased By You .. and The Worst Gadgets of 2017 will save you from making costly mistakes.

SIX. Plus My Favorite Purchases Under $100 | Tim Ferriss

SEVEN. i So agree with Make 2018 The Year Of Maximum Enthusiasm – and every year! I often forget to think about how awesome it is that I can fly to different cities / states for my job – and don’t take the time to appreciate the awesomeness of where I am.

EIGHT. I used a lot of the tips of this video on How to Create an Effective Action Plan | Brian Tracy.

NINE. Make a Year-Long Plan Instead of a Resolution is exactly what I’m doing this year. Along with (some) of the things in 7 Things Successful Women Do in January.

TEN. This January Organization and Home Repair Checklist [printable] is super handy.

Currently Reading – First Book of the Year

Kim – My first book of the year is Shadowshaper, Daniel Jose Older. I chose this for the Monthly Motif challenge January theme,  but I think it will fit nicely into some of the categories for my other challenges as well. I’ll have to read quickly as I’ve actually had this checked out from the library for a couple of weeks already!

✤ Tanya – I’m starting the year trying to finish the audiobook of Sing Unburied Sing, Jesmyn Ward. I have to say that while I like it – I’m not really into it and i’s just not grabbing me … yet. I’m a little over halfway through.

Which book are you starting the year with? Are you participating in any January #BookBlogger Events?

(Liking up with Book Date – It’s Monday What Are You Reading?)


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  1. I didn’t see many films last year. So I probably haven’t seen any on the list. Happy New Year. Come see what I’m reading.

  2. Well, I have only heard of The Underground Railroad and The Handmaid’s Tale from the top ten across NYPL’s system. I don’t know where I live. Under a rock, apparently. 😉

    Thanks for including my post on your list!

  3. I love your Blogging articles this week! So helpful!

  4. Kathryn Trask

    Jan 01

    All the best to both of you with your reads to start the year. And Happy New Year.

  5. Thanks for the links! I need to check some of these out!

  6. I often find that, like you with your first book of the year, I have trouble with books I make myself read…for a challenge or because I feel like I should read it. It’s tricky for me.

  7. Tanya

    Jan 01

    I clicked on almost all of these links…what a great roundup! Thanks for all the reading material. Happy New Year!