10 Things This Week Vol 14/2020

Another week down in the books. How has your week been? What have you been up to? What’s been saving your life lately? Here’s a few links to lighten / brighten your day.

To Read & Listen To

ONE+ The 7 Kinds of Books You Read During a Global Pandemic … it’s weird to think a good dystopian book can be escapist during this time – but it so is!

TWO+ That’s probably why I bookmarked 10 Scary Good Horror Novels to Add to Your Reading List. I can recommend A Head Full of Ghosts, Paul Tremblay. The rest of the books are going on my reading list.

THREE+ How are your reading challenges going? If you haven’t started yet, or you’re looking for more to do, then check out our Master List of 2020 Reading Challenges. And to help you keep track, our 2020 Reading Challenges Tracker [Free Download]

FOUR+ Instagram Live DJ Sets like with D-Nice and Diplo.

At Home

FIVE+ We re-discovered the game Munchkins (Deluxe). We hadn’t played it much int he past because it has a steep (for us) learning curve. But my teenage son insisted we try it again – and we are HOOKED! It can get brutal yall!

SIX+ 25 Pantry Recipes (That You’ll Actually Love) has quite a few dishes on it to add to your meal plan rotation.

SEVEN+ Do you like beans? Here’s 23 Things to Make with Canned Beans and 25 Bean Recipes Using Dried or Canned Beans.

EIGHT+ I’m doing much of the same things in 10 Self-Isolation Things I’ve Loved.

To Buy … Or Not

NINE+ Should We Still Go Shopping? I’ve been thinking a lot about this. On the one hand, I want to support small businesses if I can. On the other hand – who knows how long I’ll have a job / income and be able to afford to even consider shopping. Shouldn’t I be saving as much as I can now? Will I soon regret that impulse purchase?

TEN+ 5 Ways to Save $1000 (Youtube) has some unique ideas … like a Bingo card!

This has been an intentionally light post, because … I needed it, and I hope you do too! Stay safe out there.


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