Here’s a look at how the week went down plus things loved and adored.

  1. I finally felt in the mood to listen to an audiobook and so have been making my way through The Fifth Season, N.K. Jemisin. So far, it’s very interesting and the narrator, Robin Miles, is doing a fantastic job. She is amazing at making each character discernible.
  2. My favorite guide to Best Books of 2015 has been published. Go forth and check out NPR Concierge which will create personalized recommendations for you based on your input.
  3. How To Juggle A Day Job + Freelance Work + A Blog + Life … excellent tips!Beautiful Day
  4. Finding Your Passion is an article I’m saving to re-read over and over again. It made me want to work HARD at doing things I enjoy and not allow life / excuses to get in the way … too often.
  5. There are some really good recommendations in Helpful Blogging Resources for the NON-Tech Savvy and Blogging Tech Essentials.
  6. We’re hosting the 2016 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge – so go ahead and sign up if you haven’t already. The theme for next month is #Whodunnit???Monthly Motif Reading Challenge
  7. Here are 4 Common Business (Blogging) Resolutions + Everything You Need To Keep Them* – insert the term * Blogging * for Business.
  8. Here’s Why Reading & Blogging and THE Perfect Hobbies.
  9. As if my reading list wasn’t fat enough already – I came across George R.R. Martin’s Favorite Reads of 2015 and Slate’s Best Audiobooks of 2015.

What’s the last book you added to your “To Be Read” list, or what’s the last book you bought?


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  1. Cannot wait to play around with the NPR Concierge.

  2. Zezee

    Dec 13

    I love using that NPR Concierge. Such a fun way to discover books I might be interested in.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jan 04

      @Zezee I always discover some good books from that list too.