And just like that, we’re in the last week of the first month of the year! The US Inauguration was all I could think about last week … and who knew Bernie Sanders at Joe Biden’s Inauguration Is a Forever Cantankerous #Mood would become such a huge meme! Love it! I love that something so simple … and homey – could take the internet by storm. But you’re here for the books so let’s get to it.

When No One is Watching
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ONE+ Between yesterday and today, we’ve had some awesome book award announcements – ALA Youth Media Awards Winners, 2021 Edgar Award Nominees and the National Book Critics Awards Finalists.

TWO+ Spotify has released 9 classic audiobooks on it’s platform – all part of the public domain, but the original recordings are exclusive to the streaming platform.

THREE+ In case you’re looking for Alternatives to Goodreads.


FOUR+ How do you get book recommendations? I feel like for me – it’s mostly random books I come across, but here’s 5 Ways to Find the Best Book Recommendations.

FIVE+ We’re about to have a snow storm here in the mid-West – it’s a perfect time to check out one of these 10 Perfect Snowbound Thrillers to Read Right Now.

SIX+ I like reading through reddit books and seeing the discussions like trigger warnings in books – agree or disagree? and should you meet authors.

SEVEN+ I want to read a bit more non-fiction this year – but I’m still trying to figure out what I’m interested in reading about. Memoirs about Everyday Life Around the World sounds like something I may be able to get into. Or maybe DIY a business degree by reading from The Top 10 Most Assigned Books at Ivy League Business Schools.

dominoes toy with box
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EIGHT+ What New Habit from 2020 Are You Bringing into 2021? It was a right shitshow of a year, but I did spend fun times with our son and husband playing a crazy amount of card and board games and I loved it – and the family time. Now ask me what I’m NOT bringing into 2021?!

NINE+ You best believe I’ll be doing this TikTok / IG Tortilla hack this week!

TEN+ And lunch inspiration -> 19 Best Winter Salad Recipes

ELEVEN+ Since I’ve been more home bound because of travel restrictions – I may have gone a little gadget crazy thanks to articles like 30+ Most Underrated Kitchen Essentials … seriously, I can’t remember why I bought that immersion blender because it hasn’t been used yet!

As usual, I’m ending with one of my fave things this week – Trader Joes Kung Pao Chicken. OMG! Am I late to the party?! Why am I just finding out about this spicy, delish dish now?! Seriously, it’s quick and easy to prepare – add your own veggies to make it more substantial – and only use half the soy ginger sauce (but it also taste so good without it – and I didn’t add the peanuts … sacrilege I know). Did you try anything new last week?


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