Here’s a look at some interesting things we recently read/ saw / thought / did.

one. Which of these 18 TV And Movie Adaptations That Are Hitting Screens In 2019 and 25 Books Hitting the Screen in 2019 are you most excited about? I am thrilled about The Passage (by Justin Cronin).

two. Are Non-Western Inspired High Fantasies Only Having a Moment? I think it’s here to stay – and this post has quite a few that I haven’t read yet!

three. There’s no excuse for not having enough diversity on your reading list. Here’s 11 Books Written By Black Authors We Can’t Wait To Read In 2019 + Anticipated Literary Reads For Readers of Color 2019 + 2019 SFF by Authors of Color and 2019 YA SFF Releases by Authors of Colour.

four. I’ve been seeing these little library / TBR carts around recently.

five. The Tournament of Books shortlist is out yo!

six. For those with kids, check out the The 2019 Mock Caldecott Books (+ Printable Score Sheet).

seven. I’m still working my way through these 8 TED Talks About Reading and Books. And through these 10 TED Talks to Kick Off 2019.

eight. Have you watched Tidying Up with marie Kondo on Netflix? Have you read the book? I have done neither … but it’s all over the interqebz right now.

nine. Check out Tune In: Bookish Podcasts to Listen to in 2019 … will 2019 be the year I finally get into podcasts?!

ten. Here are some tips to help with Taking Better Bookstagram Photos.

eleven. Here are 25 Super Tiny Resolution Ideas You Could Actually Keep … well, I probably could keep a few of them … but not all.t


The Master List of 2019 Reading Challenges received an update with more challenges last weekend – and I’m going to continue to update it through the end of January – so keep checking it out!

We also published the 2019 Reading Challenges Tracker [FREE Spreadsheet] to help you rock your reading challenge. I’ve already added my picks from Our Fresh “To Be Read” List for 2019 [The New Year New Start Edition].

And our Monthly Motif January Check In [New To You Author] is up – so don’t forget to link to books you’ve read. I’m still reading my selection for the month.

And finally, #PlanWithMe 2019 All the Planners, Apps and Spreadsheets that I’m using for 2019.


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  1. Helen Murdoch

    Jan 13

    I watched a couple episodes of the Marie Kondo tidying up show and that was enough for me. Like all other reality shows, it gets too formulaic for me. Thank you for all the links to book lists by people of color; I am going to add many books to my TBR list, I’m sure!