The 3rd week of the year is in the books! How’re you holding up? While I’ve been reading, it’s been hard to commit to anything other than audiobooks. So this week – even if it’s just quick 20 minute sessions, I’ll take what I can get and finish up the books I’ve got started. Here’s a few links for your reading pleasure.

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ONE+ January is Vintage Science Fiction Month and it’s not too late to pay homage.

TWO+ If you think you can handle a month-long reading binge, then there’s Winter’s Respite #Readathon in February.

THREE+ This week – on the 19th the 2021 Edgar Awards Nominations will be announced. On the 24th, there will be a virtual ceremony honoring our 2019 National Book Critics Circle Award winners and announcing the finalists for our 2020 awards. See more bookish award dates in our 2021 Literary and Genre Book Awards Calendar.

FOUR+ Book recommendations for your New Year’s resolution has some interesting recommendations. I’ve read Atomic Habits, James Clear – excellent book with very practical advice.

FIVE+ Goodreads Editors (and CEO) Share Their Mystery Picks and The best mysteries to try on audio – something about Winter makes me just want to get lost in a good whodunnit.

SIX+ Bookish Memes and Games – Fun Filler or Worthless Waste of Time? What do you think? I like some memes better than others – I actually think it “can be” a fun way to participate in the community.

SEVEN+ Here are some Tips for Taking E-Reader Bookstagram Photos.


EIGHT+ There’s a lot of book to screen news for 2021 -> Must-Read Books Coming to a Screen Near You in 2021 and Here’s Your 2021 Literary Film and TV Preview and 2021 – Books to Movies – What Are You Excited About and Popular Books That Will be Movies in 2021 & Beyond. Which one are you most excited to see?

NINE+ The answer to “what to watch on tv” is to check out the “best of the year” lists – like Favorite TV Shows of 2020.

TEN+ Also Netflix is dropping a new movie every week in 2021 – see the entire list of 70 movies at CNET.

ELEVEN+ Have you checked out the Billboard Hot 100 Songs of 2020 (here’s the Spotify link). That playlist will definitely help make your work day go by a little faster.

TWELVE+ Love, love The Biden+Harris Inauguration playlist (here’s the Spotify link). Let’s make the White House hip again … too soon?!

I’ve been ending these weekly link roundup with something that’s I’ve been loving lately, and I have been living in these plush slippers from Target. Sooo comfy! Looks like they are out of stock right now, but if they bring them back – grab a pair quick!


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  1. Oh my gosh. The lack of movies in 2020 has made me so sad. I’m so excited about Netflix’s announcement!!