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Here’s a look at some interesting things I read/ saw / thought / did this week.

Life & Tech

1. Best thing this week … Coffee tasting (cupping) for work. I think most people would be surprised at how seriously – and how much quality control- goes into “big brand” retail coffee.

2. What “Buy for Quality” Purchases Do You Regret? I tend to be a cheapskate so typically I waste more money buying cheap / inferior quality that doesn’t last long.

3. Browser Autofill Is a Privacy Risk: Here’s How to Turn It Off. I use Firefox on my personal computer which doesn’t autofill out forms. But be careful if your browser does this!


4. January #BookBlogger Events coming up … Jan. 22-29, 2017. DiverseAThon – A Readathon celebrating diverse voices & stories.

5. Have you read any of the The Most Popular Book Club Books of the Past Decade? I’ve read 8 of the ones mentioned.

6. Check out the Awesome Book Events in Every State. Do you attend bookish events near you? I must confess that I don’t but I’d like to go to a few this year.

7. What has been The Impact of Digital on your reading habits? I love having a different format. I was a late adopter to the eReader, and now I’ve moved to letting go of said eReader (a Nook) in favor of reading on my phone.

8. Here are 25 More Outstanding Podcasts for Readers. I have to admit that I use my “audio time” for audiobooks and am not a regular podcast listener. Are you?


9. Here are 5 Tips To Rock Your Homepage. It’s interesting to see how blog designs have changed over the last few years – from heavy graphics to more simple, understated themes these days.

10. Hit a Brick Wall With Your Blog? This Is What You Need to Do has some good ideas on giving your online space a little refresh.

11. Blog Hopping: For Fun or Necessity? Do you visit blogs because you like to – or because you think it’ll help get your blog name out there?

12. There are some really cool takeaways from Why It’s Important To Have A Monthly Blog Meeting. Do you have a blogging buddy you meet with on the regular?


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  1. Tricia

    Jan 23

    I’ve read 11 of the book club books. Surprisingly.

  2. Resh Susan

    Jan 23

    Great list. I do listen to podcasts if I am doing some work because sometimes I will not be able to give my full attention to an audiobook

    • Tanya Patrice

      Feb 05

      @Resh I don’t know why but I feel it’s either audiobooks or podcasts and so right now audiobooks win.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my podcast list!