Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did last week plus what I’m currently reading. …


ONE+ Amazon’s Best Books of 2018 list is out (joining Publisher’s Weekly). I’ve read 3 books that made the Top 20 and plan to read 1 or 2 more. Have you read any of the books on this list?

TWO+ Are you still trying to hit your yearly reading goal? I know I am! Here are 8 Short Books That Will Help You Hit Your Reading Goal By The End Of The Year + Finish 2018 In Style with these Strong Short Reads and 36 Short Audiobooks to Help Boost Your Reading Challenge.

FOUR+ The Master List of Reading Challenges for 2019 is already out – and updated as more challenges come it.

FIVE+ For your Christmas lists – The 2018 Modern Mrs Darcy Gift Guide for Book Lovers.

SIX+ Now this is how you take care of your precious books … My Shelf Care.

SEVEN+ The final round for the 2018 Goodreads Choice Awards is in the semi-finals voting stage. You have

Life and Other -ish

EIGHT+ DIY around the home always seems very daunting to me, so I’m bookmarking 11 of Our Favorite One-Day DIY Projects to help boost my confidence in tackling some home projects.

TEN+ If you’re trying to up your photo taking skills, check out My Favorite Photography Equipment & How I Edit My Photos.

ELEVEN+ Some good tips in Work Smarter: Developing an Effective Strategy to Be More Productive in 2019.

TWELVE+ This is How We Get Inspiration For Blog Posts and Keep Our Creative Juices Going.


I finished Erotic Stories for Punjabi Women, Balli Kaur Jaswal which I thought was a fun, quirky read, but not really memorable. One of my audiobook holds came in, so I’m currently reading The Belles, Donielle Clayton. It’s a YA Fantasy novel which has really spectacular world building. I’m enjoying it so far.

The Belles, Donielle Clayton

The Belles

Camellia Beauregard is a Belle. In the opulent world of Orléans, Belles are revered, for they control Beauty, and Beauty is a commodity coveted above all else. In Orléans, the people are born gray, they are born damned, and only with the help of a Belle and her talents can they transform and be made beautiful. But it’s not enough for Camellia to be just a Belle. She wants to be the favorite – the Belle chosen by the Queen of Orléans to live in the royal palace, to tend to the royal family and their court, to be recognized as the most talented Belle in the land. But once Camellia and her Belle sisters arrive at court, it becomes clear that being the favorite is not everything she always dreamed it would be.

My reading choices lately have been all over the place and last minute, so I feel like I need to make a plan for the rest of the year. Do you plan out what you’ll be reading? How many books ahead?

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