Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did last week plus what I’m currently reading.


ONE+ The Morning News has announced their shortlist for the 2019 Tournament of Books,, “a month-long battle royale among the year’s best novels”.

TWO+ Which is your fave from these 30 Delicious Book Covers of 2018.

THREE+ Some bloggers “best books list” are starting to come out – like Beth’s 8 Best Books of 2018 and Sarah’s Best Books of 2018.

FOUR+ A nice reminder in The Value of Reading Slowly.

FIVE+ Love these 14 Ways To Refresh Your Book Club In The New Year. I still haven’t found a book club I love yet.

SIX+ The Smashing & Dashing 2018 Character Awards #BookTag is a fun way to look back at the memorable characters in the books you’ve read.

SEVEN+ If you track your books on Goodreads, then check out the Celebrate Your 2018 Year in Books personalized graphic.

EIGHT+ The 2nd week of our #AMonthofFaves is in the books! Check out the participants for Cheers from the Weekend + Routines, Habits and Changes and On Our Holiday Wishlist.

Life and Other -ish

NINE+ The Biggest Tech Lies of 2018 makes for interesting reading.

TEN+ The Best TV of 2018 … what do you think?

ELEVEN+ Do these before the new year starts … 9 Painless Ways To Trick Yourself Into Spending Less.

TWELVE+ The Ink + Volt yearly planning series is awesome. Part 2: Thinking Big in 2019 – is out with a free worksheet too.

Currently Reading

I’m still listening to the audiobook I mentioned last week, My Sister the Serial Killer – I just wasn’t really in a mood for audiobooks so I haven’t put it on a lot. I did finish reading Someone Like Me, M.R. Carey – which was awesome. It’s quite a page turner! I’ve read Carey’ other books – The Girl with All the Gifts, and The Boy on the Bridge – both of which are also fantastic. I’m adding M.R. Carey to my list of must-read authors.

Someone Like Me, M.R. Carey

Someone Like Me (Book)

Liz Kendall wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s a gentle woman devoted to bringing up her kids in the right way, no matter how hard times get. But there’s another side to Liz—one which is dark and malicious. A version of her who will do anything to get her way, no matter how extreme or violent. And when this other side of her takes control, the consequences are devastating. The only way Liz can save herself and her family is if she can find out where this new alter-ego has come from, and how she can stop it.

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  1. Pussreboots

    Dec 17

    I posted two favorite lists last week. I have more planned for this week. My weekly updates.

  2. Resh

    Dec 16

    Thank you for sharing my post. I hope My sister, the serial Killer makes up for a fantastic book.

  3. Sarah

    Dec 16

    Thanks so much for sharing my post! <3

  4. Someone Like Me is one of my favorite books of the year! Fellside was really good too