These are the links I bookmarked this week – and happy holiday weekend to my US folks.


ONE. Here are 9 New Audiobooks for Memorial Day Listening – it convinced me to listen to The Outsider, Stephen King on  audiobook.

TWO. Have you ever used Scribd? I haven’t but I like the idea of Giving Srribd Another Shot made me think of trying it.

THREE. Eight Low-Rated Books I Enjoyed made me think of about some of the books I liked that haven’t had good ratings – and there are quite a few!

FIVE. What book bloggers need to know (and do) about GDPR breaks down this new law for you.

SIX. I shared a few fiction summer reading lists last week – but here’s a  Summer Reading List: Books to Mostly Get an Education.


EIGHT. A timely reminder on Creating the Time to Do What You Love Every Day.

NINE. Get your weekly recap of the news via-NBC News – Week in Pictures. This week’s been rough.

TEN. Just read How to Get Better at Not Caring What Others Think.

ELEVEN. It’s backyard bbq and pool vibes for me this holiday weekend. Two Spotify playlists on rotation – Pop Remix and Party Favor’s MDW Party Playlist.

TWELVE. Which of these Contenders for Songs of the Summer 2018 are on your playlist?


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