13 Things This Week(ish)

This is the #AMonthofFaves2016 edition of interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week (or so) – which, of course, includes links to some of the awesome posts shared during this annual event.


❅ 1. Check out the resources in 7 Must-Have Blogging Resources for #AMonthofFaves. Quite a few of these tools are new to me, and I’ll be checking them out in the next few weeks.

❅ 2. Here’s a list of Book Blog Post Ideas and Discussions.


❅ 3. Here are 11 End Of Year Traditions That Will Make 2017 Amazing and 100 Life Changing Actions to Turn into Habits.

❅ 4. I’m also reading through these 21 Tips That Will Definitely Make You Have a More Productive 2017

❅ 5. A heads up that I appreciated – The IRS Has a New Tool That Shows Your Account Balance

❅ 6. FINALLY – now you can Set Profiles on Hulu and download some Netflix movies and TV shows.

❅ 7. Love all this organization happening in T’s Most Useful Tools For Getting Sh$t Done! Plus Can’t Get There and Love YA Books also mention using the Erin Condren Life Planner … hmmm … something to look into.


❅ 8. My favorite “Best of Books This Year” list is out – the NPR Best Books Concierge. This is what I use to pick my first few reads of the year.

❅ 9. Here’s an awesome Bookish Statistics Survey 2016.

❅10. Goodreads Readers Choice Award Winners have been announced. Turns out, Let’s Talk Goodreads Choice Award Nominees“>we picked a few of the winners.

❅ 11. Just in case you need it, here are 25 Short Books to Help You Meet Your 2016 Reading Challenge Goal

❅ 12. Have you watched any of these awesome tv shows based on books? Or any of these movies based on books?

❅ 13. Do you agree that these popular books are worth the hype? And here are a few books that don’t live up to the hype (as well as some that do). Agree or disagree?

What was the best thing you saw, read, did or ate this week?

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  1. Great post. There are some really great links on here. I especially like the blog post ideas (for when I lose all inspiration) and the NPR book list rocks as well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m hoping to next year show more of HOW I use the EC planner! It’s pretty great!

  3. Amanda

    Dec 11

    Oh, I love the book blog ideas post! Bookmarking that one for future reference.

    Amanda @ A Bookshelf Monstrosity

  4. Love this post.

    Lots of great information.



  5. Thanks for sharing my post!