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❉ In case you need a reminder, here’s The Genius of Audiobooks (Part II) #LoveAudiobooks

❉ Are any of your faves on Goodreads Readers’ Favorite Books of 2017 … So Far? And from Amazon’s Best Books of the Year…So Far?

Goodreads Hack: Your Guide to Book Giveaways … have you ever won? I have – once.

❉ What are Your Thoughts On E-Shorts? Do you read them? I have to admit that I don’t.

❉ Here are some tips on How to Find a Book Without Knowing the Title or Author.

❉ I like weird books so this list of Genre-defying Translated Fiction That Deserves More Attention made my reading list grow just a little bit bigger.

❉ Have you read Oprah’s Next Book Club PickBehold the Dreamers, Imbolo Mbue? I haven’t.

❉ July’s Monthly Motif Challenge (hosted here at GXO) is Believe the Unbelievable – get to it!

❉ We’ve started on our #SummerAtoZ Blog Event with “A” – 3 Of Our Favorite (A)udiobook Narrators; “B” – Editing My (B)log Reader #SummerAtoZ; and “C” – 3 Digital Blog Editorial (C)alendar Ideas.

blog editorial calendars


❉ Who says Bullet Journals and Digital Calendars don’t work together?!

Do or Don’t: Travel Pillows. They’re a do for me because I sleep on almost every plane ride I take. That can be killer on the neck.

❉ I listen to more music in the summer than any other time of the year. Added to my Spotify account recently – Summer Workout Playlist!

❉ How do you want to finish out this year? Try asking yourself these 10 questions for mid-year reflection.

❉ Check out Forbes Top 10 Influencers List? While we didn’t make this list – if there were a list of the Top 1,000,000,000 Influencers – we’d totally be on it!!!

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  1. Laura

    Jul 06

    Thanks so much for linking to my post on e-shorts! I’ll definitely be checking out some of these other links 🙂

  2. Sue Jackson

    Jul 03

    Great list, as always!! I have so little time to just browse the web that I always enjoy your lists.

    I have only read one of the top books on the Goodreads list so far – The Hate U Give. That one definitely earns a spot on EVERY top list! Such an amazing, powerful book.

    I bookmarked the tips for finding a book when you can’t remember the author or title – I’m sure that will come in handy! There’s another site I have been searching for & can’t find – it’s one where you can look up books by location/setting. I heard it mentioned on a podcast once but didn’t write it down…seems like it would be really useful!

    Thanks for all the great links!


    2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jul 04

      @Sue try bookssetin.com for looking up locations books are set in