Here’s 14 links to some of the things that we’ve been reading online.


ONE+ What are some of the Books that Left a Lasting Impression on you in the last year?

TWO+ Hmmm … Do You Hype Books That You Haven’t Read? What happens if you do read them – and they’re not good?

THREE+ “Consideration” and “Maybe” Shelves on Goodreads – great idea!

FOUR+ I didn’t even know there were book related phobias but here are 5 Book-Related Phobias for the Curious Bookworm.

FIVE+ Didyaknow there are Podcasts that Focus on Bad Books? And they sound awesome!

SIX+ The books read for our MARCH Monthly Motif Reading Challenge – Royalty, Kingdoms, Empires, Governments – had an interesting mix of fantasy and historical fiction. Anyone else have a hard time coming up with a book for the challenge?!

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SEVEN+ You’re going to need some time to get through The Blogger & Business Owner’s Guide to SEO: How to, Hacks and Tricks to Get Traffic – but it’s so worth checking out.

EIGHT+ An odie but goodie -> 10 Secrets of a Stellar Blog Post.

NINE+ Plus here’s 17 Simple Things You Can Do To Boost Traffic To Your Website.

TEN+ These Spring Journal Prompts and Spring Bucket List Ideas are also awesome blog post ideas.

ELEVEN+ I like the idea of using a Power Hour: The Smart Way to Manage Life Admin to get to those tasks we all hate.

TWELVE+ Loved the ideas in How to Decorate: 5 Tips to Save Your Sanity and Wallet.

THIRTEEN+ A little shame on me here, but I bought an InstaPot 3 months ago and haven’t made not one thing in it yet – but I might start with this this Instant Pot Irish Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe … one day …. soon.

FOURTEEN+ We’re hosting a Creativity Challenge over the next few months – so sign up and let’s work it out together!

Have you bought anything that you’ve never used?


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  1. My family would say I suffer from abibliphobia given my groaning shelves.

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out