15 Reading Challenge Groups to Join on Goodreads [The 2020 Edition]

Reading challenges are an awesome way to diversify your reading and not get stuck in a reading rut. We already have a monster Master List of 2020 Reading Challenges, but here’s another list of ACTIVE reading challenge groups that you can join on Goodreads.

Reading Challenge Groups on Goodreads [The 2020 Edition]

ONE+ Around the World in 80 Books (ATW80) – If you love world literature, translated works, travel writing, or exploring the world through books, you have come to the right place. Anyone can join and participate in the challenges or readings at any time. There are monthly and yearly reading challenges as well as group reads and (most of) the challenges are the same from year to yead. So tackle the TBR Takedown Translated Language Challenge, Random Travel, Reading Roadtrip Around the USA, Translated Lit Genre Challenge, Around the World in 80 Books Annual Challenges and a whole lot more at ATW80.

TWO+ 2-3-4 Reading Challenge is all about book series. Use this group’s reading challenges – the 2019 Series Completed Challenge and 2019 Series Up to Date Challenge – to help you complete book series you’ve previously started.

THREE+ 2020 Reading Challenges – Track your annual reading goal here and join in the group reads and challenges. There are monthly reading challenges, quarterly reading challenges and for 2020 there are 15 yearly challenges– some old, some new. Check out the A to Z Challenge – Myths, Legends, & Fairy Tales – 2020, Find Your Flight, Listopia, Genre Bingo and much more. Plus there’s a place to park all your personal reading challenges.

FOUR+ The Bookwyrm Challenge is a straightforward reading challenge group with 12 yearly and 12 monthly challenges. This is THE group to join if you have a goal to read a certain number of books from different genres, like Translations, Nobel Prize-Winning Authors, Post-apocalyptic and more.

FIVE+ Challenge Corner has some fun and fantastic monthly challenges, buddy reads and an active book of the month group discussions. Check out the Resolutions Reading Challenge (for January) and the 2020 1st Quarterly – The Series Challenge. There are also a few yearly challenges like the The Alphabet Challenge 2020, Reading Goals 2020, New Author Challenge 2020 and Favorite Read by Month 2020.

SIX+ The Challenge Factory has a wide range of challenges across many different themes/genres/subjects. Join in for the yearly challenges like Reporter’s Challenge, Resolution: Read More, Alphabet Dates and 20/20 Spell Out. There’s also regular monthly, and mini challenges that will allow even the busiest of persons a chance to take part.

SEVEN+ Game Night hosts team and individual reading games based on board games, game shows, dice games and collect trading cards based on your reads. Yearly challenges include 2020 Ultimate Challenges – Video Game Theme, Clean Sweep 2020, Short Order Zombies and much, much more.

EIGHT+ The Lost Challenges has a LOT of fun reading challenges in this group including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly challenges, like What’s in a Name (Baby Names Edition) and the 50 States Challenge. There’s also tribute challenges that you can do anytime – see A Tribute To Notre Dame Cathedral, A Tribute To Aretha Franklin and more.

NINE+ Nothing But Reading Challenges is a very active group with many reading challenges including team challenges. There are “you set the pace” challenges like Choose Your Own Adventure and several variations on the A to Z Challenge and annual challenges like the 2020 Serious Reader Challenges and Author Alphabet Challenge : 2020.

TEN+ Reading With Style is a seasonal reading challenge group which offers several tasks to be completed – each worth points. There are opportunities to earn bonus points and repeat tasks – all with the goal of getting as many points as possible.

ELEVEN+ Romance Readers Reading Challenges has several monthly, quarterly and yearly challenges. So join in for the 2020 Historical Romance Challenge, 2020 Men in Uniform Challenge and much more.

TWELVE+ SciFi and Fantasy Book Club is amazing for discussing books with other fans of speculative fiction. There are monthly group reads of one new fantasy book and one new science fiction book a month chosen by members of the group. There has a few yearly challenges including a Short Fiction Challenge, 2020 Read All the Books: Seven Wonders and 2020 TBR Cleanup Challenge.

THIRTEEN+ The Seasonal Reading Challenge group consists of a set of reading related tasks to be completed during the current season. There are more than 50 tasks each season, many with sub-tasks – and some requiring more than 1 book to satisfy the requirement. The aim is to get as many points as possible.

FOURTEEN+ Wacky Reading Challenge is another group that has a LOT of reading challenges and is very active. There are a monthly, quarterly, yearly and open-ended challenges so check out their master challenge list and get started.

FIFTEEN+ Wanderlust Challenges – This group is all about reading books and authors from around the World to satisfy your wanderlust. There is a Master Challenge List which is a great place to get started.

Are you an active member in any Goodreads groups?


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