Here’s a look at some interesting things we recently read online + the books I’m currently reading.

15 Things This Week

Audiobook Listening on Overdrive

ONE+ The 2019 Audie Award finalists are out – winners will be announced next month. And we’ve updated our Major Book Awards Calendar For 2019 with recent winners.

TWO+ In the NY Times – When Social Media Goes After Your Book, What’s the Right Response? It features 2 authors who had controversy surrounding their books, and their responses.

THREE+ Not sure I agree that all of these are “must reads” … what do you think of these 17 of the Best Books by Black Authors You Should Read in Your Lifetime – have you read any?

FOUR+ Yassss!!! Summer Scares First Annual Reading List Announced. There are 3 titles each in the Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade categories. I’m adding the ones I haven’t read (in adult and YA to my reading list). And do yourself a favor – don’t forget about audiobooks – because … Make the Most of a Creepy Book – Listen to the Audiobook Version. I can recommend the audiobook of Rotters, Daniel Krauss – it’s on our list of 5 Better Than the Book Audiobooks [Vol. 1].

FIVE+ A fabulous list of 50 Epic Book Events You Won’t Want to Miss in 2019.

SIX+ The Dos and Don’ts of Book Club and 9 More Fiction Recommendations to Add Diversity to Your Book Club Selections.

My Sister the Serial Killer (Book)

SEVEN+ Here’s How To Write A Book Review: 6 Steps To Take.

EIGHT+ #ReadingBlackout: 28 Books to Read This Black History Month has you covered with reading recommendation of books written by African American authors.

NINE+ Here are Different Ways of sharing Reading Progress on Social Media – do you do this?

TEN+ It’s Okay to Fail Your Reading Challenge. Amen to that – but here’s How I’m Using the Reading Challenges Tracker to stay on top of reading challenges.

ELEVEN+ Hmmm … Cliche Reviews For When You Didn’t Read the Book.

TWELVE+Check out Kim’s Non-Fiction Nightly Routine which is helping her read more non-fiction books this year.

Nightly Non Fiction Routine

THIRTEEN+ Here’s 5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Book Blog.

FOURTEEN+ 250+ Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will Love.

FIFTEEN+ Here’s my  Winter ABCs [The 2019 Edition].


What’s going on with you this Winter – what have you been eating, drinking, reading, watching or doing?


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  1. I can appreciate a tongue-in-cheek post about fake book reviews, but I bristle at the suggestion we have “all done it.” Um, no.

    And thanks for sharing my post!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Feb 18

      @Briana I had that same thought! I’ve definitely never done it.

  2. A cringey-bwahahaha on number 11! I wonder if you googled some of that wording, if actual reviews would pop up in the results. Hmmmm. LOL