Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did last week.

On The Blog

The linkup for the February (One Word) Monthly Motif – and we shared some of our favorite books with One Word Titles. There’s still time to add your books to January (Diversify Your Reading) too.

We also posted about the February #BookBlogging Events and the 2018 Major Book Awards Calendar.

We also shared What’s Saving Our Lives Right Now and 6 Things From Us For the Month (January).

On Instagram

✤ Kim … #24in48 happened this past weekend and I saw a lot of Instagram activity from participants. I tried to do a bit of time and mentioned that I was reading the ebook Stillhouse Lake, Rachel Cain. It’s pretty good! I’ve been working on my February meal plan and posted a shot of one of my go to cookbooks. We’re not vegetarian but this cookbook has a ton of really great recipes in it.

On The Web

Tanya … ONE. Favorite Superbowl commercial … Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice.

And the Jeep Dinosaur ad.

Runner-ups. Rocket Mortgage followed by Avocados from Mexico. The Weirdest ad – Diet Coke Twisted Mango – wtf? Most Touching ad – but had little to do with what was being advertised – RAM Trucks MLK ad.

… and why is there a new Jurassic Park movie – Fallen Kingdom – coming this summer … I mean – haven’t the people in Jurassic world learned by now that messing around with dinosaurs is a really bad idea?!

TWO. Have you seen #ReadingBlackout for Black History Month where people are pledging to read only book by African American authors all month long. Here are some recommendations as well.

THREE. Speaking of Instagram, here are  10 Black Women Bookstagrammers to Follow. And here are 5 Instagram Apps You Should Know.

FOUR. If you’re a book blogger, add your social media profiles to The Book Community Media Dashboard.

FIVE. Book photo challenge tips for Instagram is a super useful post on participating and organizing for challenges.

✤ Kim … SIX. The 2017 Bram Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot has been announced. I’m  making my way through the list and looking up the titles I haven’t heard of yet.

SEVEN. Here are 11 New Dystopian Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down. Dystopian is not going away any time soon. We’re fascinated with the end of the world.

EIGHT. Hmmm. Dear Stephanie Meyer, I’m Sorry. I was one of those people who read Twilight when it first came out and really liked it. But the negative backlash following the release of the movies really ruined it all. I recently read The Chemist and was pleasantly surprised. I passed it to my husband and he liked it too.

NINE. 10 Short Mystery Audiobooks. I just finished The Dry, Jane Harper and it was excellent. Also passed to my husband who loved it and passed it to a coworker.

TEN. Publishers call on Man Booker Prize to Drop American Authors. Thoughts?

ELEVEN. As a librarian by profession (working as a stay at home mom right now though), the article I’m Not A SuperHero: The Stress of Library Work really touched a nerve for me and I remember having many of the same feelings that the author has.

TWELVE. February is Black History Month. Here are 12 Books Recommended by African American Authors.

THIRTEEN. Here are 5 Free Alternatives to Audible. I use Overdrive through my library and I’ve experimented with Project Gutenberg before as well. I’m excited to check out Storynory for the kiddos.

FOURTEEN. Puxatawny Phil says 6 More Weeks of Winter. Here are Books To Read For Every Groundhog Forecast.

FIFTEEN. I am so excited to see the movie after seeing the Wrinkle in Time trailer. It looks so good!!

SIXTEEN. And because I am neck deep in the mom-ing phase, I appreciate a good kids book recommendation list like Scholastics 100 Best Read-Aloud Books. Harvey is almost old enough to start chapter books and I can’t wait.

SEVENTEEN. 75 Audiobooks to Listen to This Year.

Currently Reading

✤ Kim … I’m not too far into Stillhouse Lake, Rachel Cain but so far it’s proving to be a great face-paced thriller.

Tanya … I participated in the 2018 Big Game’s On Read-a-thon and finished the audiobook of LaRose, Louise Erdrich. This one word title qualifies for our February (One Word) Monthly Motif Challenge.It was slow getting into it, but it was so beautifully written that eventually it pulled me right in. There was such rich details on Native American life on the reservation, the traditions and the family drama.

I’m also reading the print book of Kintu, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi is one of the 7 Books From the “Best of the Year Lists” That We Missed. It’s set in Uganda – it’s the first time I’m reading a novel set in that country (and by a Ugandan author).

Kintu (Book)

How did you chose the book you’re currently reading?

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  1. Daniela Ark

    Feb 07

    wow there is SO MUCH great information here I don’t even know where to start. So I start with HOW SAD it was that my beloved Pats lost BUT the doritos commercial YEAH! LOVE IT
    And yes we should have learned not to play with dinosaurs by now
    Thanks for sharing all those wonderful links especially the black authors and bookstagramers and dystopians!
    Hope you are enjoying mom-ing Kim! 🙂

  2. Zezee

    Feb 05

    That Doritos ad was fire!!! 😀
    I’m also reading Kintu and am really liking it.