2023 Key Word Reading Challenge [May Check-In]

The Key Words for May are – Dragon, Day, Chain, Another, Thousand, Begin, Stolen, And. Check in with us on Goodreads, at Instagram with the hashtag #MonthlyKeywordGXO, on Storygraph or at the “linky” bottom of this post.

Monthly Key Word

2023 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge

Here’s what we plan to read this month…

KIM – We’re just about half way through the year and the challenge! How are you doing so far? Have you fallen off the wagon? Or are you still soldiering on? I’m doing my best to keep up. This month I chose to use the key word AND because I really wanted an excuse to read From Legends & Lattes, Travis Baldree. I saw it raved about on IG and thought I could really use a feel good read this month.

Link up with the book(s) you read for the 2023 Key Word Reading Challenge below.


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  1. Carla

    May 19

    For May I am reading Bride For a Day using the word “Day”. I kept forgetting to link the books I read, so I added them all now.