21 Things This Week

Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week.

  1. The explanation you needed – What Does A Book Blogger Actually Do? and How to be a Real (Awesome) Book Blogger. Both had me cracking up.
  2. Time’s Best Books of 2016 So Far looks slightly boring to me. But I’ve only read The Vegetarian, which I didn’t love.
  3. Here are Amazon’s Best Books of June. Have you read any of them – or are you planning to read any?
  4. As a Stephen King fan, I couldn’t help but bookmark this list of 14 Books Coming Out This Summer for Stephen King Fans
  5. Do you follow any of these 10 Pinterest Boards for Book Lovers?
  6. The theme for next month’s Monthly Motif Challenge is LOL, so I’m looking at picking something from this list of 18 New Books That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud.
  7. Take a look at these 50 Nifty Bookmarks You Need In Your Life.
  8. Have you tried any of these 5 Curious Ways to Find Interesting Books to Read?
  9. I can relate to almost everything on this list of Old School Reader Confessions … some things I STILL do!

  10. What are your Favorite WordPress Plugins for Bloggers? I can’t believe I haven’t shared mine on the blog yet.
  11. Top 10 Places to Get Stunning Desktop Wallpaper just fed my obsession with constantly changing the look of my laptop.
  12. The most useful thing I read this week is How to Strengthen Your Network Connections With Monthly People Checklists
  13. I can always use help on how to keep clutter at bay – Where Professional Organizers Shop
  14. I love seeing what curiosities people travel with – Carry-On: What Author David Sedaris Can’t Travel Without
  15. Check out these DIY Tech Hacks
  16. Something I hadn’t done to my computer – until now – Why You Should Disable or Cover Your Webcam Right Now
  17. Speed Up Firefox Immediately With These 6 Simple Tweaks
  18. 4 Blog Hacks Every Blogger Should Use This Summer … and really all the time to help with time management.
  19. For book bloggers, Book Riot has an Ad Network
  20. Read the comments on How Do You Use Your Phone’s Voice Assistant? to get a ton of ideas. My #1 use is to open apps.
  21. Important “work speak” deiphered in What do they mean by ‘good to know’? I laughed … but this article is so true.

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  1. I love this post. I am a sucker for any post which features links (I don’t know what it is but I love them). I like the bookmarks and pinterest boards one. And isn’t it interesting how the TImes best books can be so different from other people’s tastes? I always end up avoiding book lists like that because I feel like that’s what people think I should be reading but doesn’t match what I want to be reading.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jun 26

      @Becky I wasn’t a fan of the Times list at all, but then again I skew towards genre fiction.

  2. Heidi'sbooks

    Jun 21

    Pinterest has a lot of interesting book connections. I love the libraries and pictures of old books and book in art.

  3. The Network connections checklist is interesting. I might try it out on small scale just to see how I get on. Great round up, so many things are catching my eye 🙂