Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did last week.

On the Blog

ONE. The Master List of Reading Challenges was updated this week – so check it out – there’s still plenty of time to join in.

TWO. We’ve spent a lot of time goal setting for 2018, and we published 3 Resources to Use to Conduct an Effective End of Year Personal Review and Brainstorming Your 2018 Goals [Free Printable] + Kim shared her Declaration of My Personal Goals for 2018.

On Instagram

✤ Kim …

THREE. This week I shared a roundup of our current favorite picture books and also this little board book that we are all loving so much lately.

FOUR. On Friday we took a little family trip up the canyon to do some sledding and I shared the pictures of that fun adventure here and here.

FIVE. And finally, yesterday I professed my undying love for Crooked Kingdom. I’m still not finished with it so you can bet there’ll be more pacing the carpet today.

On The Web

SIX. 7 Food Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018 … I’m not interested in the diet trends but give me all the Middle Eastern and African flavors!

✤ Tanya …

SEVEN. From The Millions: Most Anticipated: The Great 2018 Book Preview … perhaps a way to find books to add to your reading list.

EIGHT. Here’s Book Riot’s Most Anticipated Books of 2018 – love the diversity of books featured.

NINE. Speaking of diversity in books, Anticipated Literary Reads For Readers of Color 2018 has you covered.

TEN. Are sensitivity readers just diversity police? (Sensitivity readers are people who review advance manuscripts of upcoming books, check for issues of representation, bias, insensitive language and cultural inaccuracies, and make suggestions to authors.)

ELEVEN. I’m also trawling through this list of 95 Books Sci-Fi & Fantasy Editors Can’t Wait for You to Read in 2018 … I do wish they had broken down this list by sub-genres though.

THIRTEEN. OK one more – 16 Books Coming to the Big Screen in 2018 … now I’m done.

FOURTEEN. I will be reading some of the books from Dystopian Literature You Need to Survive the End of the World cuz … ya never know.

FIFTEEN. Now, I know you want to read x number of books this year – but how do you make sure they’re not duds? Tracking your sources! Here’s How to Pick Better Books with the Rock Your Reading Tracking Spreadsheet.

SIXTEEN. Errrverybody is talking about Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award. And this review of Oprah’s What I Know For Sure has me about ready to go buy it.

SEVENTEEN. If you’re serious about achieving your goals this year, I encourage you to check out this video on (7) Tips to Be More Effective in 2018 | Brian Tracy.

EIGHTEEN. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories … I have to admit I haven’t used it – or even understand it much – but Kim is great at it and has shared her tips in 10 Instagram Story Tips You Need To Know  and 3 More Instagram Story Tips.

NINETEEN. What would your To-Don’ts for 2018 list look like?

TWENTY. What are some of the Trends I Think We’ll See in Book Blogging in 2018? Do you agree with the ones listed?

Currently Reading

✤ Tanya – I finished my book-club selection for this month – The Address, Fiona Davis. Loved it! It’s about the lives of 2 ladies – 100 year apart. And I also finished And Sing Unburied Sing, Jesmyn Ward – I wasn’t into the audiobook and the loan expired, so I got the physical book … it didn’t get any better.

Sing Unburied Sing

Now, I’m working on finishing the books I’ve already started – the audiobook for The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, Charles Duhigg. I’m finding it fascinating from a historical aspect – but not necessarily for “self help”. 

What are you currently reading? Are you a member of any book clubs?

(Liking up with Book Date – It’s Monday What Are You Reading?)



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  1. Thanks for linking to my post!

  2. Sad day about Sing Unburied Sing, though I’m not sure I was ever going to read it. Her writing is more literary in style than I usually read. Thanks for the tip on Crooked Kingdom! It’s always nice to know when a book is particularly good on audio.

  3. I’m currently listening to Murder Most Frothy while I blog hop. I haven’t been part of a book club as reading and discussing the same book doesn’t appeal to me. I do so much reading as is, I don’t want one to feel like homework.

  4. Thanks for including my post! And I’m definitely going to check out Brian Tracy’s video.

  5. Kathy Martin

    Jan 15

    I enjoyed Six of Crows but somehow couldn’t get into Crooked Kingdom. I’ll have to give it another try one of these days. Come see my week here. Happy reading!