25 More Things This Week

25 Things This Week

Here’s a look at some interesting things we found / saw / thought / did this week.


  1. Bookish sadness this week – Umberto Eco Dead at 84 and Harper Lee Has Died.
  2. And so, it begins … almost … watch Game of Thrones season 6 teaser trailers here.
  3. Plus, Stephen King’s Must-Read Novel 11/22/63 Just Became Your Newest Must-Watch Miniseries
  4. But I’m not missing out on the March #Weirdathon – a celebration of #weirdbooks! I’ve requested a suitcase full of books from the library in anticipation of reading freakishly next month.
  5. Thank goodness for this list of Book Fairs and Festivals which alerted me to Bookcon in Chicago in May.
  6. Times have changed a lot, and so has our Accessibility To Our Heroes. Do you think this is a good thing – or bad?
  7. Are Your Book Ratings Biased Early In The Year? I never really thought about this, and I don’t think I am since I’m generally not very picky at all.
  8. 25 Reading Challenges to Unleash Your Inner Bookworm is an awesome way to get a jump on reading more.
  9. The books on this list of 10 New Classics by Black Authors that I haven’t gotten to yet – are not on my reading list.
  10. Do You Procrastinate Reading Books You’re 99% Positive You’ll Love? Nope, don’t have that problem!
  11. Has Your Reading Habits Ever Impacted Your Relationships? My husband hates when he’s driving somewhere and I put headphones on to listen to an audiobook … ummmm … driving time is audiobook listening time!!!
  12. We’re kicking off #6BookishDegreesofSeparation Meme {The 2016 Edition} next week.  Level Up BLOGGING
  13. Here are 5 Things Worth Investing in To Take Your Blog to a Higher Level.
  14. I can relate to some of the Lies #BookBloggers Tell Themselves
  15. In case you’ve ever wondered, Can book blogging lead to a job? Let’s Discuss!
  16. These 5 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Websites are really simple but effective.
  17. Girlxoxo is now a joint blog, so it was cool to see how others make it work in Writing a Joint Blog Q&A TagBooks and a Cuppa Swap
  18. I took part in Books & a Cuppa Swap (hosted by CG Swaps)in January, and my super-awesome swap partner was Seri. The package she sent me was so thoughtful.
  19. Here’s How To Kick Ass In 2016: With Printable goal and planning sheets to add to your planner.
  20. Can you tell what I’m thinking about by bookmarking The 10 Best Apps & Websites for U.S. Travel?!
  21. Ditto on almost everything in 7 Travel Tools I Will Not Shut Up About Till You Buy Them + 10 Products To Never Travel Without
  22. Of these 5 Types of Active Vacations to Try This Year I’d love to do something that involves running.
  23. Here are some ideas for Working Girl Lunches: Part ONE – mostly leftovers from dinner the night before.
  24. Great tips in Using A Bullet Journal at Work I use a similar – much more simplified – system too.

What was the best thing you saw, read, did or ate this week?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my 25 Reading Challenges to Unleash Your Inner Bookworm post! I love bullet journaling checking out other people’s planners so I liked Pretty Prints and Paper Using a Bullet Journal for Work. Even though I don’t work outside the home anymore, I can still get useful tips for my bujo/planner hybrid.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Feb 21

      @Tanya – I love the way you look at challenges as a way to improve reading habits!