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Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week (or so).


❅ 1. I thought the Nook eReader was dead, but I guess not since Barnes & Noble published 5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself to the New NOOK. I’m now a read on your phone kinda gal though, so I won’t be updating.

❅ 2. The NY Times 100 Most Notable List is out along with their 10 Best Books of 2016. Interesting choices. Only 1 or 2 others are on my reading list – not surprising since literary fiction is not really my thing.

❅ 3. Another of my favorite end of year lists are Kirkus Best Fiction of 2016. and Buzzfeed’s The 24 Best Fiction Books of 2016.

❅ 4. The Washington Post published it’s Best Books of 2016 – very boring. But I did like their round-up of the year’s bookish news in Who needs a Nobel Prize? Who is Elena Ferrante? And other literary news in 2016.

❅ 5. More challenges have been added to the The Master List of 2017 Reading Challenges. And don’t forget to check out the December #BookBlogger Events happening. It’s not too late to join in some of them.

2017 Reading Challenges Master List

❅ 6. Did you know about A Season of Stories? From Oct. 11, every week, a different Penguin Random House author will take over the newsletter, including award-winning and bestselling authors like Anthony Marra, Elizabeth McCracken, and Adam Johnson. Yup, I signed up – late, but better late than never I say!

❅ 7. I like my reading dark, so it’s no surprise that I bookmarked this list of 10 Bookish Families to be Thankful For (Because They’re Not Yours)

❅ 8. What do you think … Has Book Blogging Reached Its Peak? … I say … it really doesn’t matter. Use all the tools that you can … that you have time to use well.

❅ 9. Yes, I want to … 10 Popular, Well Loved Series I Think I Should Finish

❅ 10. If you’re gifting to readers, try Books that Make Perfect Holiday Gifts 2016 or The #1 Gift for Book Lovers This Christmas

❅ 11. Do you agree that Reading Blind is Best? It’s very rare for me to like reading a book without looking at the summary – and I don’t particularly like the experience.

❅ 12. Girlxoxo.com is hosting the 2017 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge. January’s challenge is to read diversely. To help you out, here’s Faces of Color on 2017 YA Books


❅ 13. Loved the list from Kristen’s Favorite Things and will likely try out the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Hell Repair

❅ 14. Awesome news for tv show binge watchers like myself – Everything You Need to Know About Netflix Downloads

❅ 15. Essential Guide to Goal Setting in Your Bullet Journal got me hyped up for setting up 2017 right.

❅ 16. My FAVORITE calendar for 2017 – Steal Like An Artist Wall Calendar – Get it!

Apps & Tech

❅ 17. So many recommendations to sort through in What Free Apps Are You Thankful For This Year?

❅ 18. I don’t play games on my phone … except for Candy Crush … but I think I’ll be trying out the 5 Best Mind Games for Adults on Android to Keep Your Grey Matter Nimble to see which ones stick.

❅ 19. I know a few of these 60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Every Office Worker Should Know … and I’m about to commit to memory the ones I didn’t know before!

❅ 20. 5 Ways To Kick People Off Your WiFi Network hooked me up with how to kick the kids off the net.


❅ 21. It’s always useful o see the tools some of the bloggers I follow are using – like in WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without.

❅ 22. So … Let’s Talk: The ‘F’ Word … “Followers”. Love the advice in that post.

❅ 23. The best 10 Super Legit Reasons to Ignore Your Blog 🙂

❅ 24. I’m a big fan of blogger organization and the various methods of getting it done – like Scheduling and Keeping Track of Blog Posts with a Spreadsheet and The BIG List of Free Blogging Tools for 2017.

❅ 25. Here’s a FREE 2017 Blog Planner – Download to Google Drive, Microsoft Excel or PDF

What was the best thing you saw, read, did or ate this week?


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  1. Megan

    Dec 18

    I’m so glad you were inspired by my Essential Guide to Goal Setting! Thanks for the mention, and have a great New Year. 🙂

    • Tanya Patrice

      Dec 21

      @Megan it’s such an awesome guide. I’m using it as I plan my upcoming year.

  2. carrie

    Dec 08

    So glad you enjoyed my plug-ins post! Thanks so much for including it in your post 🙂

  3. Wow, thanks so much for sharing my post!! I’m so glad the advice was useful. Definitely checking out the rest of these links. ♥

  4. Lori

    Dec 07

    Thanks so much for all the links! I’m checking out a few right now.

  5. Thank you so much for including my list of not-so-thankful families! There are some dysfunctional families on that list so enjoy your dark reads!

  6. Thanks so much for including my holiday gift guide!

  7. Thanks for including my #1 Gift for Book Lovers post!