Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week.

  1. My reading … For Week 3 of the #Weidathon reading challenge I’m still reading Easy Travel to Other Planet, Ted Mooney.
  2. For more weird reading, check out How to Win @ The Weirdathon (Pt.2) and 10 Fantastic Nonlinear Novels
  3. This is also the 3rd week in the March Monthly Motif Reading Challenge – the theme of which is Take a Trip. So far, I’ve taken a trip to Lagos, Nigeria with Lagoon, Nnedi Okorafor and some crazy aliens. Right now, I’m taking a trip to Louisiana with the audiobook of The First Wife, Erica Spindler.

  4. J.K. Rowling put her foot in it last week and you can read more about it in What J.K. Rowling’s New Story Can Teach Us About Cultural Appropriation
  5. The Audie Award® finalists for Audiobook of the Year and Excellence in Design, Marketing, and Production were announced this week. I listened to The Girl on the Train which is up for Audiobook of the Year, and while I liked the audiobook narration of Go Set a Watchman, (also a finalist for Audiobook for the Year) the book was so boring to me, I didn’t finish it.
  6. The National Book Critics Circle Award Winners were also announced during the week. I’ve read none of these books – have you read any?
  7. We could all see this coming – Barnes & Noble kills off Nook app and video store as part of digital retreat.
  8. I was a late adopter, but now am totally on board with For the Love of E-Reading

    Dreams Lived on Paper

  9. 12 Heartfelt Quotes On Why We Love Books made me smile all week.
  10. The Tournament of Books is going strong this week, and so is Amazon’s Great Literary Tournament on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.    .
  11. 8 Book Endings That Broke Our Hearts is like a list of books I avoid – I can’t handle all the emotions!!!
  12. I haven’t gotten to all the series in 6 Bingeable Series You Won’t Want to Put Down, but I am loving The Raven Cycle series too.
  13. And adding to my reading list are these 15 Teen Mysteries & Thrillers That Adult Readers Will Love and
  14. Here are some 2016 publications to put on your reading list – The 10 Most Addictive Books of 2016 (So Far).
  15. On Not Keeping (or Wanting) a TBR List – do you have a “to be read” list?
  16. I cracked up at these 15 Ridiculous Inventions That are a Must for Every Book Nerd“A plastic placemat that goes over your book so you can read while you eat without getting spaghetti sauce on the pages.”

  17. Why Aren’t You Getting Comments on your Book Blog? put it all out there and gave us some ways to get us more connected and talking to each other.
  18. And there’s even more awesome advice for #bookbloggers in Unique Alternatives That Will Shake Up Boring Reviews
  19. If you need a little help rocking your blog content, try the tips in 10 Secrets of a Stellar Blog Post
  20. How do you handle Blogging While Busy? I could definitely use some more tips – like those from other bloggers in Balancing Blogging + Working.
  21. How to Get Out of a Creative Rut (For Bloggers and Creatives) is a good read, because we all get into this situation at some point.
  22. Considering IdeasShould we purge our lists of ideas every now and then? I say absolutely – ideas eventually should get acted upon, or get ditched. Quote on Ideas
  23. Do you feel bad when you unsubscribe from a blog? Here’s Unsubscribing and Why It’s Difficult
  24. EXCELLENT advice in Just Because You Don’t Like Something, Doesn’t Mean You Can Ignore It which applies not only to blogging, but life and work in general.

  25. 8 Ways to More Minimalist Money is the type of system for me. Getting my finances in order is a big priority for me this year.
  26. Balancing the Value of Frugality and the Value of Time
  27. I bookmarked TED Talks by Mocha Women.
  28. Have you heard of Human Library – Lets You ‘Check Out’ People From All Walks Of Life For A Chat?

Looking forward … Next week Friday is a day off from work and the start of my week long vacation in St. Maarten! What are you most looking forward to reading, seeing or doing next week?


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  1. What a wonderful list, Tanya! I had such a lovely time reading through all of the links – the Audie Awards especially, since I have been wanting to get more into audiobooks (I’ve been adoring podcasts lately, so why not extend that to reading as well, no?). And I laughed out loud at the ridiculous inventions that all bookworms need. Accurate indeed. 😉

    I hope you have an absolutely luminous time on vacation! I too am taking a small break this weekend, just for a little three day roadtrip to a beach. I plan on kicking back, reading copious amounts of books, and sleeping far more than usual. It will be perfectly lovely.

    Thank you so much for sharing, darling! xx