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3 Books Blur The Lines Between This Life and The Next

I’m a big fan of paranormal books and I love it when the genre is done in a realistic setting with realistic characters. Here my top three picks…

The Raven Cycle Series, Maggie Stiefvater

I could gush about these books forever. All the main characters have some sort of link to the afterworld. Blue comes from a family of psychics. Gansey is on a quest to find the ley line and Glendower. Adam…is a ghost. And Ronan is a dreamwalker. The four of these backgrounds come together to form the ultimate paranormal link and it all comes to a head in the fourth book.

Greenglass House, Kate Milford

Although it’s a middle grade book, I still loved it. A rambling old inn, a strange map, an attic packed with treasures, squabbling guests, theft, friendship, and an unusual haunting mark this story. 12 year old Milo has to unravel the mysteries of the smuggler’s inn his family lives in and operates.

Shades of London Series, Maureen Johnson

In these books you’ll find ghosts and ghost hunters- or people who have had near death experiences and can now see the dead. The series starts out with a Jack the Ripper style murder mystery and takes you on a paranormal packed adventure from there.

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