3 Places I Wouldn’t Want to Go Because of These Books

October is #WickedGoodReads Month here at GXO. This week, we’re focusing on books with Dangerous Places.

Security, Gina Wohlsdorf

Security almost gave me a complex about hotels that are recently opened … or about to be opened as was the case at The Manderlay.

Manderley Resort is a gleaming, new twenty-story hotel on the California coast. It’s about to open its doors, and the world–at least those with the means to afford it–will be welcomed into a palace of opulence and unparalleled security. But someone is determined that Manderley will never open. The staff has no idea that their every move is being watched, and over the next twelve hours they will be killed off, one by one.

The Shining, Stephen King

Another hotel I wouldn’t want to check into!

Danny was only five years old but in the words of old Mr Halloran he was a ‘shiner’, aglow with psychic voltage. When his father became caretaker of the Overlook Hotel his visions grew frighteningly out of control. As winter closed in and blizzards cut them off, the hotel seemed to develop a life of its own.

Nil, Lynne Matson

I am seriously creeped out about islands or beachy places now after having read Nil.

On the mysterious island of Nil, the rules are set. You have one year. Exactly 365 days–to escape, or you die.

What do you think is the scariest setting for a book or movie?

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  1. Great topic! I always enjoy your creative posts!

    I’ve only read one of these but absolutely agree about the hotel in The Shining!

    I definitely don’t want to visit North Korea after reading The Orphan Master’s Son!


    Book By Book

    • I haven’t read The Orphan Master’s Son but I’m hoping to get to it next year. Looks really good!

  2. Kenny Martin

    Oct 12

    Another Stephen King hotel, room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel would not be somewhere I would stay!

    • Yes! That is a good one! Thanks for visiting the ol’ blog 🙂 ‘See you’ in class.

  3. We were actually supposed to stay at a newly opened hotel last weekend in Charleston, but didn’t go b/c of the hurricane! And Ill avoid that last book b/c I don’t ever want to be creeped out by beachy places and/or tropical islands!