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#WickedGoodReads With Scary Jobs

Wicked Good Reads With Scary Jobs

Wicked Good Reads With Scary Jobs


People can get into some sticky situations in books because of their occupations. Here are 4 books where the jobs would scare the heck out of me.

Rotters, Daniel Kauss

Grave Robber. I don’t think anyone starts out wanting to become a grave robber (or do they?), and in this book, it seems that if you do it long enough – you start going a little bat-shit crazy … that’s just reason #5,449 NOT to become join in this line of work in the first place. I mean, who in their right mind would actually want their kid to get into this gig?! And let me tell you “Baby” creeped me the fuck out.

Dust & Decay, Jonathan Maberry

Zombie Fighter. Dust & Decay shows that even if you survive a zombie apocalypse – being around in that kind of World means you’ve got to develop some zombie fighting skills real quick! It isn’t just killing the zombies, but in a World where you have to kill often – well, some of the living thrive in a mean & despicable way. They’re dangerous too.

Anna Dressed in Blood, Kendare Blake

Ghost Hunter. This is the classic “dangerous job.” Ghosts like Anna, are MEAN! You have to be a really bad-ass to be able to fight them, and slightly crazy to actually seek then out. Unfortunately, I don’t have skills like that – and I don’t think my mehtod – “close my eyes and pray they go away” – would work.

Cosmic Forces, Gregory Lamberson

Private Detective. Private investigator Jake Helman has battled a demon, his minions, the walking dead, and beings from the dimensions of the Sphere of Light and the Dark Realm. Is that all in a days work?! If so – count me out!!!

Is there a book you recently read that features someone with a dangerous job?

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  3. I read Poison Study last month, where the protagonist is a poison taster. Yeah, not a great career. Also, the special agents in the Chew graphic novels seem to have it pretty rough.

  4. Anna freaked me out! She was feisty! I would not want that job.

  5. The hunters and scavengers in China Mieville’s Railsea 🙂

  6. In Feed by Mira Grant, bloggers have a pretty dangerous job, because most bloggers report on the zombie apocalypse

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