4 Tips For Using the Bookmarks Toolbar Efficiently #BrowserHack

Having an organized Bookmarks bar / Favorites Bar is one of the best ways that I keep information handy both at work and personally. Do you show it or hide it? Do you save anything to it? I couldn’t work without it!

4 Tips For Using the Bookmarks Toolbar Efficiently

  1. Sort all your bookmarks into folders. All your bookmarks should fall into one of the categories you’ve named the folder for.Bookmarks Reading Lists
  2. Go through the links in your bookmarks folder regularly, and trim what you’re no longer interested in.
  3. Do not let it get long and out of control. You don’t need to save everything under the sun. That’s what Google is for. Bookmarks Bar Tips

In my Favorites / Bookmarks bar, I keep links to articles I want to go back to from time to time. There are some people who keep links to articles they want to read in later – but I use Feedly for that (see In the Bloggers Toolbox {Feedly Tips and Tweaks}).

Right now, I’m very interested in travelling around the Mid-West, so that folder has the most links.

How do you organize your bookmarks bar?


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  1. I am actually quite terrible with my bookmarks! I read most of the posts from blogs that I follow when they come up on Bloglovin, which is really handy.

    Most of my bookmarks consist of recipes that I want to try out one day, products that I want to buy but haven’t committed myself to yet, and websites/Tumblrs of artists I love! At the moment they are all over the place, so I should really make folders for them. I do clean them out regularly, though, because I hate seeing too many drop down, haha.

    Awesome post, Tanya! I’m inspired to have a clutter-free bookmarks toolbar now!

  2. Now, the problem comes once you’ve stored anything and everything in your bookmarks, to the point where you have no idea where the actually valuable stuff is. I call this “the Pinterest problem.”

  3. I do something very similar at work — so much of my job lately has been doing research on what kinds of data analytics people are doing outside of my company that I’ve saved a TON of stuff. And I do EXACTLY what you do.

    At home I’m much less consistent about it. I’ve got a “Blog Tips” folder that I occasionally save something to, but I’m terrible about maintaining it. Sometimes a game I’m obsessing over will make it into my bookmarks bar, and I delete it as soon as I finish. Or if there are any specific challenges I’m participating in I’ll save them to my bar and HOPEFULLY clear them out when the challenges are over. (I’m much more meticulous about it at work than at home, for sure).

    • Tanya Patrice

      May 23

      @Liza In use it a bunch at work too. Since I work for a large Corp. there is no other way to remember all the external links are to the sites I need to access.