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4 Tips For Using the Bookmarks Toolbar Efficiently #BrowserHack

Organize Digital Bookmarks

Having an organized Bookmarks bar / Favorites Bar is one of the best ways that I keep information handy both at work and personally. Do you show it or hide it? Do you save anything to it? I couldn’t work without it!

4 Tips For Using the Bookmarks Toolbar Efficiently

  1. Sort all your bookmarks into folders. All your bookmarks should fall into one of the categories you’ve named the folder for.Bookmarks Reading Lists
  2. Go through the links in your bookmarks folder regularly, and trim what you’re no longer interested in.
  3. Do not let it get long and out of control. You don’t need to save everything under the sun. That’s what Google is for. Bookmarks Bar Tips

In my Favorites / Bookmarks bar, I keep links to articles I want to go back to from time to time. There are some people who keep links to articles they want to read in later – but I use Feedly for that (see In the Bloggers Toolbox {Feedly Tips and Tweaks}).

Right now, I’m very interested in travelling around the Mid-West, so that folder has the most links.

How do you organize your bookmarks bar?

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