5 Easy (W)ays to Customize The Look and Feel of Your Android Phone

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One of the best things about Android phones is the ability to customize the look of it. Every few months mine gets a “refresh” and here are 5 easy ways to pimp the look and feel of your phone.

✢ Personalize the lock screen message
Android Lock Screen Message Mine currently says “The World Is Yours For the Taking”. To do this – go into Settings > Security > Lock Screen Message and type what you want.

✢ Change the Wallpaper
I typically browse the Android Wallpapers Google+ Community but it’s even easier to use images from your own phone, or from an app like Zedge.

✢ Customize gestures
While this won’t change the look of your phone, you’ll be able to access a menu or setting easily. For example, on my phone – double tap twice opens the app drawer; a swipe up opens the settings menu; and a swipe down expands the notifications.

To do this, I use Nova Launcher – which makes it so you can customize almost everything related to the look and feel of your phone. Open Nova Launcher Settings > Gestures and Inputs – and you get the ability to set Swipe Up – Swipe Down – Double Tap – Swipe Up (Two Fingers) – Swipe Down (Two Fingers) etc.

Use Widgets and Multiple Homescreens

I like a clean look for my phone so I don’t keep many icons on my screen, but I do need to see my Calendar on a regular basis throughout the day. So on one of my homescreens I display my calendar using a widget – usually Any.do Cal, but I also use Neat Calendar and Today Calendar (both chosen because of the look and customizability of their widgets).

Phone Screen SetUp

✢ Change the Icon Packs

For a while there, I had to ban myself from downloading / buying Icon Packs because I was obsessed! I change the icons to match the wallpaper I’m using. In the pic. above, you can see the FlatCons White, and I’m currently using Cyrcle.

Summer Android Theme

Do you customize the look of your phone? How often do you change it?


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