5 Must Haves for Winter Survival This Season

Real talk – winter is no joke. I’ve seen a lot of winter guides recently that feature mini-skirts and knee-high boots. Nope I’m not about that life. For real winters, here are a few of my daily essentials – that get me through the snowy muck and cold, COLD days.

  1. Big Beanies that can cover ears, hair and head. Wool Hats #WinterIsComing
  2. A puffy coat with a hood, faux fur and is at least 3/4 length. The kind that keeps you warm when you have on just a few layers underneath.
  3. Gloves that pull up above your wrist, is thick and insulated on the inside and is water-proof. Perfect for snowy weather.Winter Gear
  4. Carrington Farms Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This stuff is perfect for EVERYTHING. I use it in my hair, add it to my lotion to moisturize my skin, use it on my face and lips also as a moisturizer … and cook with it. And this is one thing that’s great year round.
  5. Tea … or any other hot beverage. I would love some tea recommendations as my tea chest is pretty empty right now.teabasket (Photo Credit)

What are some of your must have winter essentials?


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  1. I’m getting back into tea after years of being a coffee drinker. I used to drink Orange Pekoe and that was it. Now I love the varieties available.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Dec 12

      @Chrisbookarama I drink both coffee and tea – 1 cup of coffee in the AM and read throughout the rest of the day and night.

  2. Andi

    Dec 09

    Coconut oil. I need to get on this. I feel like I can’t find it in my area very often, but I may not be looking enough. I try to stay away from the store and send the husband. lol

    • Tanya Patrice

      Dec 12

      @Andi if there’s a Walmart near you look in the section with cooking oils!

  3. oh i love coconut oil! we’ve got jars sitting around everywhere – one in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom! Great for moisturizing skin. Happy Winter Tanya!

  4. Katie in MA

    Dec 08

    That is a great list by someone who OBVIOUSLY knows “real” winter! (Not the fake kind we have here in Tejas. Sigh. I miss real winter.) For teas, I’m really digging Harney & Sons cranberry. Just the right hint of fruit, but in a very wintry sort of way.

  5. I just started to use coconut oil in my cooking. Do you rinse it out or leave it in when you use it on your hair? I love hats and mittens and hot tea, definitely some of my must haves too.

    • nylse

      Dec 08

      I can’t speak for the author, but as it relates to hair you can do both. If you plan to wash your hair, put it on at least an hour before washing. Of course as you wash your hair you will rinse out the oil – but this will make detangling easier; this is called a prepoo.

      Or you can just leave it in your hair on a daily basis to seal in moisture,

  6. Beth F

    Dec 08

    Spicy chai tea is a great for winter!

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