5 (Q)uick Tips to Use Your SmartPhone To Help Organize Your Day

MY smartphone does double duty as a communications device, and a way to help me organize my life. Here are just 5 quick tips that will have you making the most of your phone.

✢ Calendar – You can’t beat a calendar that goes everywhere you do, reminds you of events in advance, looks good AND will offer to map to the address. That’s why I use Any.Do Cal.

#PlannerGirl {Why a Digital Calendar Works Better For Me}

✢ ToDo List – There are many apps out there dedicated to helping us stay on task. My preferred method is for (O)rganizing a To Do List With Evernote App and Widget. Put it right there on the screen.

Evernote ToDo List App Widget

✢ Banking – Easy access to your info when you need it. My bank’s banking app provides easy access to my information. I never check it when I’m on public wifi, and try to be diligent about when we check it.

✢ Account password manager – for keeping track of all your account information. I use eWallet to save things like logins to banks, insurance information, ID numbers etc.

App Love eWallet

✢ Organize your bill payment schedule – My husband and I Use a Shared Google Spreadsheet to Track Bills and use the Sheets app to access it. I also use  app to keep track of bill due dates.

Expense Tracking

Which app is the most used on your phone?

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  1. Janet Vinyard

    Jul 30

    Hi Tanya, Great post with great tips! I use the Calculator on my phone quite a bit as well as the Memo App. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Janet