5 Things This Week

Kim here. Last week Tanya shared what she’s anticipating, organizing, reading, resolving, and scheduling. I’m back this week with another check in and a small glimpse into daily life this week.

+ reading – I don’t know what’s up with me but I’m in the middle of five books right now. I’ve got one on audio, one on kindle, one graphic novel, one hardback that I own, and one hardback library book. My brain just cannot sit still so I’ve taken to juggling different genres and different formats in order to avoid a reading slump. Surprisingly, it’s working. I’m enjoying all five of these books and picking them up as I can. 

watching – I was watching A Discovery of Witches because I remembered loving the book when I read it years ago. We got about six episodes in and were liking it but not loving it. Watching the show reminded me why I never finished the series. It is sooo slow moving and I need my books to feature a bit more action. So we switched over to watching Ted Lasso. Hubs finally convinced me to give it a try and I’ll admit, I’m liking it so far. 

daydreaming – About warmer weather, sunshine on my face, tank tops, splashing waves, the smell of pine trees, basically all things summer. Ugh, I miss it so much. 

+ committing – to finish the 30 day yoga challenge that I’m doing with a friend of mine. We’re only on day 11 and already I want to forget I ever signed up for this. I’m convinced that in another life I was a bear. Being active in the winter is just not my thing. I’d rather hibernate until Spring and then try again. But I can’t deny that moving every day does feel good so I’m going to push myself to finish.  

creating – a dance using jump ropes as props. Silly me thought this would be so cute for my junior 2 dance class to do this year. I mean, they all said they could jump rope. Easy peasy, right? Yeah. Not so much. This is really pushing me creatively and pushing my patience. We’re in the thick of it now but I know that by June, they’ll be ready for recital and we’ll pull it together. Right now though, I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. 

I always get a bit lethargic this time of year after all the New Year excitement wears off. What are your strategies for surviving winter?


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  1. Bev Baird

    Jan 14

    I’m with you with the reading. I have several books on the go, for different reasons and in different formats. I need to switch it up at times – never know what I’ll be craving.
    I had a jump rope group way back when i was teaching and loved it. We did it for fun – love the idea of a recital tho. All the best.