20 Things This Week

Here’s a look at some interesting things we read/ saw / thought / did this week.

Kim –

  1. Best New Thrillers of June. Really excited about this list as it includes books from several of my favorite authors.
  2. Build Your Own WordPress Site. You might want to check out this course if you’re interested in doing this.
  3. New Look for the Goodreads Homepage. What do you think of this design? So far, I’m really liking it!
  4. The Best Anthologies for Science Fiction and Fantasy. All the resources here! You really need to check this out. I think Tanya and I would be most likely to dive into the Year’s Best Weird Fiction.
  5. Top Ten Murder Series to Read and to Watch. I’m a huge fan of Midsommer Murders and, of course, Sherlock. Great list!
  6. Alex Awards. I’m just barely getting around to paying attention to this award. It’s given to adult books that have young adult appeal. You might want to check out the 2016 winners.

Tanya –

  1. This week, I finished reading Fledgling by Octavia Butler and Winter, Marissa Meyer. Both were 5 star reads – it’s like the 3rd one in a row.
  2. I’m currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood, and listening to the audiobook of Splintered, A.G. Howard, which is one of the recommendations Kim gave me in June Monthly Motif Check In {Girlxoxo Recommends}
  3. Do you think there are some Perils of Growing a Bigger Blog?
  4. Who in your life needs to know How To Translate What The Bookworm Creature Is Saying?!
  5. Here are 10 Books A Minimalist Will Never Part With. What are the books you would keep?
  6. As an audiobook lover, I loved seeing When to Listen Instead of Read: Notes from a Fledgling Audiobook LoverRoad Trippin With Audiobooks
  7. 5 Themed Reading Challenges: A List to Diversify Your Reading Portfolio. Yes!
  8. The Best Apps & Programs for Bloggers
  9. How to Write a Better Task List in Your Planner has some really good tips.
  10. Here are 30 Amazing Date Ideas for Couples (Whether You’re Traveling or At Home)
  11. I use quite a few of The Best Apps & Programs for Bloggers. How do you work?
  12. I’m loving all of these 15 ways to feel inspired today
  13. Five Posts By Other People That Changed The Way I Blog made me think of some of the posts that I come across that influence how I blog.
  14. Just a reminder that we win some and lose some – 5 Ways I’ve Failed at Business (for better or for worse)

What are you currently reading?

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  1. Greg

    Jun 06

    I like the links, thanks for sharing those. I’m off to explore some of those anthologies… 🙂

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jun 09

      @ Greg – hope you found some new to you blogs 🙂