A Day In the Life {The Summer Travel Day Edition} #SummerAtoZ

I love getting a peak into “the daily lives” of people, so it’s my turn to share a typical travel day, when I had to go to Tampa, Florida for work earlier this week.

A Day in the Life

Travel Day

3 AM ✇ Wake up. Probably should have packed yesterday – but who packs over going out to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals?!!! Not I, so instead, I’m just getting started. Oh well, I’m getting to be a pro-at this.

4AM ✇ Get Tums for the hubby. He almost ate an entire pizza while watching the game … and then he was heartbroken when Golden State Warriors lost the NBA finals (I was not). He spent the night tossing and turning.

4:30AM ✇ Check phone calendar to see if I have any AM meetings. My summer phone theme has 3 home screens made using a random background I downloaded, Nova Launcher and Flatcon White Icon Pack.

Phone Screen SetUp

5AM ✇ At Work. Why are there so many people here?! I thought I was getting an early start to the day, but it looks like production was scheduled to start early too … wish I had known that. Mad rush for me to get documents printed and everyone setup for the new changes I’m making … today!

6:15 AM ✇ Coffee time. Uh … what … grrr … people!

8:00 AM ✇ Daily quality meeting and I’m already in quite a mood. I need to turn it around. Afterwords, I try to knock a few things off my todo list.

Bullet Journal PlannerMy system – #PlannerGirl Bullet Journal With an Arc Planner

10:00 AM ✇ Leave work, and make a Walmart run for shirts for work. I buy 5 of these Polo shirts. Summer work uniform is in effect.

11:00AM ✇ Back home to finish packing. I’d like to leave by 12:30PM. I use the Yahoo Weather app to see what the temps are going to be like in Tampa – and if I should take an umbrella with me. No need.

11:30AM ✇ I’m the man! Packing complete. Now time to download audiobooks from the Overdrive and Axis 360 apps (my library uses both). I settle on A Cure for Suicide, Jesse Ball and This Census-Taker, China Mieville. And of course, I packed 2 hardcovers – both of which I’m in the middle of.

Travel Style Tote

12 PM ✇ Double check TripIt app to see if there are any flight delays. “All Clear.” And try to check in online, but it’s not working for some reason.

12:30 PM ✇ “OK Google” … Map to O’Hare airport.

1:45 PM ✇ At the Airport. Check-in at the kiosk and breeze through security. There was no line, but as usual, I got a pat down. Might be because I had on quite a bit of jewelry on me.

Summer Travel Jewelry

2:05 PM ✇ Tripit Alert – Flight delay. Holy mother of all things holy! Just an hour delay but ugh!!! Guess my attitude didn’t adjust from this morning because I’m so crabby right now.

2:i5 PM ✇ Lunch time. I decide on Orange Chicken + veggies. It wasn’t good, but I was starving.

2:45 PM ✇ Airport book selfie for Instagram. I just started the #airportreads hashtag – yes, very random!

Airport Reading to Tampa

3PM ✇ Random things to do while waiting in the airport. Buy a bottle water that cost as much as some kids college tuition … or close to it. Can’t the airport be sued for price fixing or something?! Read … use the bathroom … play Candy Crush … read … bored … walk around.

4:30PM ✇ Boarding Time. So of course, I dash to use bathroom one final  time. It KILLS me to ever have to use the bathroom on a plane and so I go to great – almost dehydration – lengths to make sure it rarely happens.

6PM ✇ Wake Up. I almost always fall asleep for after they close the doors, and before the plane takes off. Back to reading and I end up finishing Security (by Wohlsdorf). So then I open my work laptop to start sorting / organizing my email inbox into folders. I made it to January 29th before the plane landed … just 6 months worth of emails left to go. Maybe I should give up on that system.

7:30 PM ✇ Hello Tampa. Nice to meet ya! Call the airport shuttle – ultimately deciding not to rent a car and just hang with the group I’m with.

8:30PM ✇ Hello Hampton Inn. It’s usually where I stay when I travel for work. They are all the same (should be) so you know what to expect – free breakfast in the AM, clean rooms, free wifi.

9:00PM ✇ Calling It a Night. Make calls, shower, unpack – for a 4 day stay, I unpack my stuff – then blogging time. Check Feedly and read blogs, finish up a few blog posts and g’night.

What do you do in airports and airplanes to pass the time?


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  1. LOVE #airportreads!! One of my favorite activities while traveling is peeking at what other people are reading – e-books have made that much more challenging!

    Whew – sounds like a very long day. I used to travel every week for work, back in the day. Sort of miss it sometimes but it was also exhausting. This week, it was my husband away for the week – he had to get up at 4 am to make his early flight out. On the way home, his flight got delayed more than 4 hours & he finally gave up, rebooked onto a flight the next day & went back into Vega to get a hotel room for the night. So, it took him 48 hours to get home! Yeah, I don’t miss that part!

    Hope you had a good trip!


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    • Tanya Patrice

      Jul 07

      @Sue oh my gosh – what a trip! I really hate flight delays.

  2. Love the airport reads hashtag! And you are as addicted to apps as I am.

    I pass the time reading, people watching and planning what duty free I’ll buy 😀 The perks of living on an Island!

  3. I am so nosey and totally love day in the life posts!! Especially if they are travel based. I actually really love airports, I know they are overpriced but I enjoy people watching. As for planes well when I am on them I am usually somewhere over the Atlantic, I just love looking out and also constant map watching!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jun 26

      @Heather I dont mind being at the airport early, but sometimes I get restless … must be when I don’t have a cocktail!

  4. I’m always intrigued by people’s daily life routines much in the same way I get a little thrill at looking at pictures inside other people’s houses. I just like seeing how other people live. It’s my nosiness I think (or natural curiosity as I like to call it). Your day sounds hectic, though. I certainly couldn’t get up that early and manage to successfully function like a normal human being. It’s impressive to say the least.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jun 26

      @Becky I love seeing into other people’s lives too.

  5. I love reading day in the life posts! It’s so crazy how opposite our daily lives are right now.

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